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Low-cost Best Buy tumble dryer revealed

Avoid condensation by choosing a top-class tumbler

Siemens WT48Y801GB tumble dryer

The Siemens WT48Y801GB is one of the nine tumble dryers we’ve just tested

We’ve tested nine of the latest tumble dryers and discovered a brilliant, low-cost Best Buy.

Condenser and vented dryers from big brands including White Knight, Bosch, Siemens and Zanussi faced off in our latest group test.

One model is so good that we’ve awarded it our Best Buy recommendation. You can trust this automatic dryer not to over-dry clothes or leave them wet, it’s incredibly quick and is also easy to use. The low price of the dryer makes it excellent value for money.

Members can see which dryer we’re highly recommending by heading straight to our Best Buy tumble dryer reviews.

Condenser dryers – want to avoid sweaty walls?

The latest dryers we’ve tested include a number of condenser and heat pump condenser models. The advantage of a condenser dryer over a vented model is that you can install a condenser dryer anywhere in your home, as you don’t need to worry about attaching a hose to a vent in the wall or hanging it out a window.

However, all condenser dryers have a bit of an embarrassing problem; they’re a bit  leaky.


Wet-look walls: will it release a bottle’s worth of moisture into your home, or less than a can?

Any moisture that doesn’t get trapped in the water tank is free to waft into your home and cling to your walls, windows and other surfaces, giving them a ‘sweaty’ sheen. And while no dryer we’ve tested yet traps every single last drop in the tank, there is quite a big difference between different models. From our years of testing, we’ve seen the best condenser dryers trap more than 90% of the moisture inside the water tank, while the worst held onto less than 65%.

One of the newly tested models lets almost a quarter of the moisture from clothes escape the machine. In real terms, that’s nearly 750ml of water steamily wafting free into your home, the equivalent of a bottle of wine. At the other end of the scale, one of the better tumble dryers we tested at the same time let less than 300ml out – so less than a standard can of fizzy drink.

You’re not going to know in the shops which machines will pour a wine bottle’s worth of water into your home, and which won’t. So if you want to keep the ‘sweaty wall’ effect to a minimum, use our reviews to find condenser dryers with a four or five star rating for condensation efficiency.

Vented tumble dryers just tested

Condenser tumble dryers just tested

Heat pump tumble dryers just tested

Prices correct as of 14/01/2015 and are subject to change.

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