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New top-scoring tumble dryer revealed by Which?

Lab tests find a fast and energy-efficent Best Buy

highest scoring tumble dryer

We have a new top scoring tumble dryer – but which is it?

Our independent lab tests have uncovered a new king of tumble dryers. It’s record breaking test score is largely due to its speedy clothes drying, impressive energy efficiency and for being easy to use.

The latest Which? tumble dryer group test put four models from Bosch, Hoover, CDA and Candy under the microscope. The Bosch and Hoover are heat pump dryers, while the CDA and Candy models are vented and condenser models respectively.

One of these appliances has become the highest-scoring tumble dryer we’ve tested since updating our test programme for 2013 – and one of the two heat pump dryers is the worst heat pump model we’ve seen yet.

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Best and worst tumble dryers on test

So what makes a top tumble dryer? Here’s a quick snapshot of just how good the new highest-scoring machine really is.

Drying speed

The new top dryer achieved the full five stars for drying a large load of clothes on the main cotton drying program. Another model we tested at the same was so slow it only managed a one star – here’s what those star ratings mean:

The new top dryer: dries a large load of clothes in just over an hour and a half.

The one star machine: will dry the same amount of clothes in around three hours.

Which would you prefer?

Ease of use

A good appliance should not make you grit your teeth every time you use it. Here’s what we had to say about the newest top scoring model:

‘[It’s] well-designed and easy to use. The door opens flat against the machine and the large opening into the drum makes it easy to get large loads of clothes in. The control panel is well laid out and the writing is easy to read. The lint filter is easy to clear and as the condenser unit is self-cleaning, there’s no need to clean it yourself.’

While another tumble dryer did not impress:

‘Despite its simplicity, this is not an easy dryer to get along with. The opening into the drum is really small, which makes it annoying to load large or bulky items, like such as bed sheets or towels. The door is also hard to unlock and could open further. It’s also very noisy.’

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Latest tumble dryers tested

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