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Which? reveals tasty Best Buy bacon

Not as scrumptious: Waitrose is bottom of table

bacon on lettuce

Feeling hungry? Find out which supermarket sells bacon good enough to be a Best Buy.

Fancy some excellent bacon? We’ve tasted and rated premium dry-cured rashers from ten major supermarkets – and found some superb bacon at temptingly low prices.

If just the thought of bacon sizzling in the pan has your taste buds watering, then you’ll want to know which supermarket stocks the best rashers.

So we can point you in the right direction, we’ve tasted bacon from Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and more – and found that one of the ten shops sells a bacon magnificent enough to be crowned a Best Buy.

To find out which supermarket has emerged victorious from the battle of the bacon, and which runner-up offers spectacular value rashers for your money, head to our best bacon review. 

Finding the best bacon

We asked a panel of four experts to assess bacon from ten different supermarkets. The experts assessed the bacon both raw and then cooked; rating the appearance of the rashers before they were cooked, and then evaluated the freshly fried bacon on criteria such as aroma, taste and texture.

As it was a blind taste test, the experts had no idea which supermarket’s rashers they were sampling at any point. All the meat tasted was premium, dry-cured back bacon – we picked the unsmoked versions to keep the samples as neutral as possible.

bacon sandwich

If you’re after a fantastic meaty treat, Waitrose may not be your first stop.

Waitrose bacon comes bottom

At Which? we’ve often found that cost of a product does not dictate the quality – and the same is true of bacon.

The most expensive bacon our panel of experts tasted came from Waitrose. The price is a meaty £3.49 for six rashers (200g).

The Waitrose bacon caused a slight difference of opinion among our experts, with one judge saying it was ‘very average’, and its rashers were so thin that they ‘would avoid it in a shop’.

By contrast, our judges praised our Best Buy bacon for its beautiful aroma. One judge noted the superb taste of the bacon comes from ‘successfully balancing the salt level with the sweet dry cure’. The rashers were also thicker than most on test, making it a real treat and our standout winner.

You can find out which bacon we’re talking about by heading to the taste test winner’s gallery, which also reveals the winners from our other taste tests. Handy if you want a tastebud-tingling cup of tea to wash down your Best Buy bacon.

What’s on test

Our experts tasted:

  • Aldi Specially Selected British Outdoor-bred Unsmoked Dry-cured Back Bacon – £1.99
  • Asda Extra Special Unsmoked Dry-cured Back Bacon 8 Rashers – £2.28
  • The Co-Operative Truly Irresistible Unsmoked Dry-cured Back Bacon – £3.19
  • Iceland Unsmoked Dry-cured Air-dried Outdoor-bred Bacon – £1.99
  • Lidl Milton Gate Premium British Unsmoked Dry-cure Back Bacon – £1.99
  • M & S Outdoor-bred Unsmoked Back Bacon – £3.20
  • Morrisons Signature Unsmoked Drycure Back Bacon – £2.99
  • Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Unsmoked Bacon – £3.00
  • Tesco Finest Unsmoked Drycure Hampshire Cross Bred Back Bacon – £3.00
  • Waitrose Free-range British Unsmoked Back Bacon – £3.49

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