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Food and drink advice guides

28 articles
From the best oven chips, pizza and ice cream, to the tastiest digestives, instant coffee and butter, see food and drink that's topped our taste tests.

How to roast a leg of lamb

Follow our basic roast leg of lamb recipe and cooking tips, and see what celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Mary Berry recommend

Best baked beans

With supermarket own-brand baked beans costing less than half as much as the likes of Heinz and Branston, there’s money to be saved on this store cupboard staple. That's why we had our taste-test panel try out 11 varieties of beans, including nine supermarket own-brands, to find the tastiest and best-value options.

Plant milks: what's best for your health and the environment?

Whether you're cutting out or cutting down on dairy, find out which plant-milk alternative is best for you

Best tomato pasta sauce for bolognese

Bolognese sauce and pasta is a quick and easy meal for any night of the week, but which ready-made pasta sauce makes the tastiest dinner? We tested Dolmio and Loyd Grossman pasta sauces against supermarket own-brands to see which will have you going back for seconds

Best frozen sweet potato fries

See how tasters rated frozen sweet potato fries from Tesco, Aldi and more in our blind testing, and which supermarket gained a Best Buy for its fabulous fries

Complete Christmas dinner menu

Avoid a dry and tasteless turkey crown on Christmas Day by following our top cooking tips.

Best gravy granules

Should you opt for Bisto’s vegetable gravy granules or one of the supermarket’s own label alternatives? Our test reveals the best

Wine guides

Our expert taste test reveals the best affordable red wines to curl up with this winter

Best Christmas pudding

Whether you prefer your Christmas pudding served with a dollop of brandy butter or lashings of cream, discover which supermarket offers the tastiest version of this traditional festive dessert

Best mince pies

Our general public tasting panel discovered the best traditional mince pies to indulge in this Christmas

Best place to buy turkey and trimmings

Find out the best place to buy your turkey and trimmings, as chosen by Which? members.

Best roast potatoes

Choosing frozen roast potatoes is an easy way to save time and effort on Sunday lunch preparations. But are Aunt Bessie’s the tastiest, or are you better off going for a pack of own label roasties?

Best Yorkshire puddings

Which frozen Yorkshire pudding is best? Our testers compared supermarket brands and Aunt Bessie's

Best vanilla ice cream

Whether you prefer your vanilla ice cream in a wafer cone or in a bowl smothered in sauce, find out how big brand Carte D'Or measured up to cheaper supermarket options.

Best alcohol-free beer

Whether you’re cutting calories or want to reduce your alcohol consumption, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to 0% ABV lager beer. We’ve run the biggest brands past our panel of everyday beer drinkers to find out which is best.

Best spreadable butter

Spreadable butter can be used straight from the fridge for speedy sandwiches and toast in a hurry. We reveal whether supermarket own label versions are any match for the big brands when it comes to taste.

Best chocolate digestives

Does McVities really make the best chocolate digestive or can supermarket own-brands offer a better biscuit for your buck? Our taste test reveals all

Best fish fingers

Whether you’re partial to a fish finger sandwich, or love them with chips and peas, find out how popular offerings from Birds Eye and Young's compare with own brands

Best frozen pizza

Nothing hits the spot quite like a succulent oven-cooked pizza with tangy tomato sauce and delicious melted cheese. But who makes the tastiest? Goodfella’s? Dr Oetker? Chicago Town? Or should you go for a supermarket own-brand?

Best oven chips

They're a weeknight dinner staple in many British households, but are you best buying McCain oven chips, or can supermarket brands offer a tastier, better value snack?

Best instant coffee

Our taste test of instant coffee proves you need to pay to get the best, but you can also get a great cuppa from a supermarket own-brand coffee, as long as you choose wisely.

How to choose the best instant coffee

Bamboozled by the array of supermarket coffees? Our instant coffee guide explains the different types and how to find your perfect match, with inside tips from our coffee expert

Best Weetabix and wheat biscuit alternatives

However you eat yours – smothered in sugar, a splash of milk or dry from the packet – Weetabix is a popular way to start the day, but are supermarket alternatives tastier?

How to make Yorkshire puddings

Try our simple Yorkshire pudding recipe, and get tips from celebrity chefs James Martin, Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry.

Best sirloin steak

We tasted premium sirloins from the UK's top supermarkets so you know where to shop for the best flavour, texture and aroma.

Best extra virgin olive oil

Our expert taste test reveals the best olive oils to add depth and flavour to all your dishes, plus our top tips on how to shop savvy, and our olive oil ice cream recipe

Best gin

Supermarket own-brand gins take on the big names. Find out which gin is best for your G&T.

Best Buy food and drink

Fill your trolley with the tastiest, best-value food and drink using our round-up of the products that have topped our taste tests.