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Which? reveals new Best Buy tumble dryer

Plus two tumble dryers that don’t dry clothes

AEG T88595IS

The AEG T88595IS only costs £31 a year to run – but is it a Best Buy?

We’ve tried and tested four new tumble dryers from Bosch, AEG and Beko. One exceeded all expectations and has earned our Best Buy recommendation – but two dryers models actually struggled to get clothes dry.

The Bosch models on test claim to be quiet when drying, the Beko has the most attractive price tag and the AEG has low running costs but a big price tag. So which model in our latest group test is the new Best Buy?

Find out by heading to our Best Buy tumble dryers page.

Dryers that leave clothes wet

All four of the new tumble dryers are automatic models, which means you don’t have to set the drying program length. Automatic dryers keep drying your clothes until a sensor inside the drum detects your clothes are ready and stops the machine.

But in our tests, two of these four automatic dryers left clothes wet.

Which? laundry appliance expert Adrian Porter said: ‘In a 2014 Which? survey, automatic tumble dryers that leave clothes wet was voted the most frustrating problem our testing has uncovered, alongside problems with smart TVs, vacuum cleaners that lose suction and false MPG claims for cars.

‘Simply put; automatic tumble dryers that leave clothes wet are not doing their job. When you select the cupboard-dry setting, your clothes should come out completely dry and ready to be put away.

wet clothes from tumble dryer

Two our of the four tumble dryers we tested consistently left clothes wet

‘Consumers should not have to select a higher setting such as ‘extra-dry’ just to get clothes dry.’

One tumble dryer in our latest test really struggled to dry a small load of clothing. So if you’re after a few essentials in a hurry, this will not be the dryer for you.

Another had trouble drying clothes on the synthetics-drying cycle (for polyester clothes and other man-made fabrics). It also left clothes very wet on the iron-dry cycle, and while iron-dry programs should purposely leave clothes damp for easier ironing, the clothes that came out of this dryer were much wetter than they should have been.

You can find out which tumble dryers leave failed to dry thoroughly in our latest tumble dryer reviews.

Tumble dryer running costs

The AEG T88595IS tumble dryer we’ve tested is an energy-efficient heat pump model with a big price tag but low running costs. The others are your more standard condenser dryers – cheaper but much less energy efficient.

To help provide a the full picture, our test results show an estimate of what each dryer will cost you to run over a year. We’ve added these running costs, plus the five-year running cost below.

As you can see, the AEG does not work out cheaper, despite the very low running costs. You would have to wait eight years for the AEG to become cheaper to run than Bosch WTB86590GB – by which point you would have saved £8.

Tumble dryers on test

Heat pump dryer (A++ rated energy efficiency)

  • AEG T88595IS – £799 price in shop, £31 annual running cost – £954 five year cost

Condenser dryers (B rated for energy efficiency)

  • Beko DCSC821W – £220 price in shop, £78 annual running cost – £610 five year
  • Bosch WTB84200GB – £349 price in shop, £72 annual running cost – £709 five year cost
  • Bosch WTB86590GB – £399 price in shop, £82 annual running cost – £809 five year cost

Running costs based on a large cotton load, three times a week, every week for a year.

Prices and running costs correct as of 22 April 2015 and subject to change.

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