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Great value Best Buy washing powders revealed by Which? tests

Detergents that don’t compromise on cleaning power

Loading a machine with brightly coloured laundry

Our Best Buy washing powders remove stains and won’t fade your coloured laundry

Big brands Persil and Ariel went head-to-head with supermarket own-label washing powders in our latest tests to reveal five Best Buys – including some great value washing powders.

The cheapest Best Buy washing powder will clean your clothes to perfection for just 10p per wash – that’s less than half the cost of the priciest powder on test.

In total, we tested 16 washing powders. Ranging from big brands such as Persil, Ariel, Daz and Surf, to supermarket own-brands – including Waitrose.

The best washing powders are fantastic at shifting tough stains. The worst washing powders will cause your whites and colours to fade and will struggle to clean your clothes.

To find out which washing powders will banish stains and keep your whites gleaming, go straight to our Best Buy laundry detergents

Are biological washing powders better?

Our latest test found that most bios outshone non-bios when it came to shifting stains. However, it’s not as simple as picking up a bio detergent to guarantee stain-free laundry – our tests also found some bio powders that didn’t tackle tough stains as well as non-bios.

Biological detergents contain enzymes which break down stains such as meat grease, chocolate, and grass and mud. Non-bios don’t contain enzymes and tend to struggle on these.

The 16 washing powders we tested including 11 bios and five non-bios.

Which? washing powder tests

Red wine, grass and mud, make-up and tea are among the stains we use to test how well washing powders tackle tough everyday marks and spills. We measure each stain before and after washing to calculate how much has been removed – and therefore how effective the washing powder is.

We also test how well each detergent keeps whites brilliant and coloured materials vibrant, even after several washes.

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