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Best Buy microwaves for defrosting barbecue burgers and bangers

The microwaves that put an end to semi-frozen meat


 A Best Buy microwave will defrost your bangers evenly, so they are perfectly barbecue ready

Choose one of the three Best Buy microwaves revealed in our latest testing and you’ll be guaranteed perfectly defrosted bangers and burgers for your barbecue.

When you bite into your barbecued burger, the last thing you want to find is a semi-frozen centre. But if it hasn’t been defrosted properly, you could easily end up with meat that looks well done on the outside but is undercooked in the middle.

We’ve tested 10 microwaves to find out which ones will make a great job of evenly defrosting your food – and which ones excel at heating too – just in case a sudden summer shower means your hoped for barbecue ends up having to head indoors.

To discover which microwaves came top of our latest testing, and which ones failed to impress, head to our microwave reviews.

How we test microwaves

To become a Which? Best Buy, a microwave must be great at defrosting and heating evenly. In our tests we defrost slabs of mince, and a microwave gets marked down if it leaves frozen bits or starts cooking the edges.

We use 14 probes to measure the temperature throughout a 500g slab of mince once it has been defrosted according the the microwave’s instructions, including being turned halfway and then left to sit for five minutes. To excel at the test, all 14 probes must record a temperature between -2°C and 25°C. This shows that the mince is defrosted evenly but hasn’t yet started to cook. 

On top of the defrost test, all the microwaves in our lab are also judged on how well they heat, ease of use, noise and safety. Grill and combination microwaves are additionally put to a grilling test and combination microwaves need to demonstrate how well they can bake.

Cheap microwaves

Four of the microwaves we’ve just tested, by DeLonghi, Dunelm, Morphy Richards and Next, cost £65 or less – a relatively small investment if any of them produce excellent results. 

Or do you need to splash out on the pricier models we’ve just tested, by Panasonic, Russell Hobbs and Samsung to guarantee decent microwaved food?


Built-in microwaves are pricier than freestanding models, but save on worktop space

AEG built-in microwave

The AEG MC-2664 EM built-in microwave also joins our latest list of results. 

A big plus of a built-in microwave is that it will save you space on the worktop – particularly valuable if your kitchen is a little cramped. 

At £300, it may not sound like a budget buy, but it is cheaper than many built-in microwaves. 

It fits in big dinner plates – 33cm diameter – and in our tests we were impressed with how quiet it is. Read the full AEG MC-2664 EM review to find out how it got on in the all-important heating and defrosting tests.

Whirlpool combi microwave

One of the combi microwaves on test is the Whirlpool JT469 flatbed combination microwave. It has no turntable, which means you can certainly fit more food in – and it makes numerous claims about its quick-heating ability, its rapid grill and its ability to sense when your food is cooked and ready to eat. But can it justify its £350 price tag? Our results reveal how it gets on with the microwave basics of defrosting and heating, as well as grilling and convection cooking.

Microwaves on test

The 10 microwaves in our most recent round of testing are listed below. Click on the links to go to the full reviews.

AEG MC-2664 EM £299
DeLonghi AM820CXC £60
Hotpoint MWH2824B £90
Dunelm Candy Rose Collection £55
Morphy Richards ES823ENN £62
Next 800W Microwave Colours £65
Panasonic NNST479SBPQ £135
Russell Hobbs RHFM2363B £100
Whirlpool JT469 £350
Samsung MS28J5255 £120

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