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Which? reveals Best Buy smoked salmon

Supermarket Premium smoked salmons go head-to-head

Salmon and scrambled egg

Which? reveals the best premium smoked salmon

Our latest taste-test, of supermarket premium smoked salmon, has uncovered one prize catch and it wasn’t the most expensive either. 

Say smoked salmon, and you think ‘treat’ – whether you’re imagining slices washed down with a glass of fizz, paired with homemade bread and lashings of butter, or making scrambled eggs more chic.

To spare you unappetising slimy slices, our specially selected expert panel tasted eight premium supermarket smoked salmons to bring you their recommendations and declared one smoked salmon a prize catch.

The best smoked salmon

We asked a panel of four fish experts to rate and assess each premium supermarket smoked salmon. All four judges assessed each salmon for appearance and aroma, then taste and texture.

The experts had no idea which smoked salmon they were eating as this was a blind tasting – we remove all traces of the product’s identity before serving it up to our experts. All of the experts tasted each salmon in a different order.

17%Which? members who love their smoked salmon with scrambled eggs

Smoked salmons on test

The premium smoked salmons we tested are listed below, is your favourite there? 

  • Aldi Specially Selected Oak £2.29/100g
  • Asda Extra Special by Leiths Oak & Beechwood £5.00/120g
  • The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Oak & Beech £3.19/100g
  • Marks & Spencer Orkney £9.00/200g
  • Morrisons Signature £4.99/120g
  • Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Oak £4.50/120g
  • Tesco Finest Hickory & Oak £4.80/100g
  • Waitrose Mild & Delicate £4.49/100g

Find out which was named Best Buy smoked salmon in our smoked salmon review.

Price/pack size shown correct at time of publication. 

How to get your smoked salmon for less

There’s no getting away from the fact that premium smoked salmon is expensive, at between £28 and £48 per kilo, the price is on a par with fillet steak. But there are ways to save on smoked salmon and make sure you pick the best pack from your favourite brand in the chiller aisle.

Discover our experts’ money-saving salmon-tips and see how salmon is traditionally smoked with our exclusive behind the scenes video, in our Best smoked salmon guide.

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