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Best washing powders for blood stains

Calling all vampires: how to remove blood stains

child dressed as a vampire

There’s no blood stains on this vampire – you can be both sinister and spotless!

Vampires used to have to put up with looking less than their best, as blood stains are a nightmare to remove. But no longer, as Which? laundry detergent tests can reveal the best products to remove blood stains.

We’ve tested over 40 laundry detergents, from Persil, Ariel, Fairy, Daz, Surf and supermarkets, to find the ones that best shift everyday stains and spills, including blood stains. 

Our tests have revealed 11 brilliant Best Buys. As well as some low-scoring products that won’t get your clothes – or costumes – perfectly clean.

A great stain-buster doesn’t have to come at a cost. We’ve tested washing powders costing as little as 10p per wash and liquid capsules that are four times more expensive. And we’ve found that the priciest aren’t necessarily the best.

Which means that today’s vampires can save money and still look their best for Halloween. 

To find the washing powders, laundry liquids, gels and liquid capsules that impress, head straight to our Best Buy laundry detergents.

Best laundry detergents for blood stains

It’s not only vampires and ghouls that end up with blood-stained laundry. Blood is one of the tough everyday stains we challenge laundry detergents to remove in our lab tests and we see big differences between products. 

The best washing powders scored five stars for shifting everyday stains in our latest tests, but the worst scored three. That’s the difference between banishing the stain and leaving an ominous mark behind.

Biological detergents tend to be best for removing blood, as they contain enzymes which break down the stain. But if you prefer to stick to non-bio detergent, we’ve tested 12 – including products from Fairy, Persil, Ecover and supermarket own-brands.

If the blood you’re dealing with is of the fake, oil-based face paint variety, we also test how well detergents remove make-up – which is a good indicator. Tomato, chocolate, red wine and tea are amongst the other stains we test detergents’ ability to wash-out.

Testing blood stain removal

To find out which detergents best remove blood, make-up and other everyday stains from your laundry, we use specially-prepared real stains on white fabric. We wash these at 40°C (the most commonly-used wash temperature) along with white sheets, pillowcases and towels to simulate the type of load you might put on at home.

After washing, we check how well each detergent removed the stain by shining a light on each one and measuring the amount of light reflected back. The more light reflected, the more effective the detergent.

Because we test every product in exactly the same way, you can find out the best washing powder, liquid or capsule for whatever you’ve spilt on your laundry. Find out more about how we test laundry detergents

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