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New cheap Best Buy tumble dryer revealed

Our tumble dryer test reveals great value models

Tumble dryer reviews

Find the right tumble dryer for you

We’ve put five more tumble dryers through our tough lab tests to uncover the best at drying laundry quickly, quietly and efficiently. 

The models we put under the microscope included each of the main types of tumble dryer – vented, condenser and heat pump condenser – and one great value model in particular topped the table by pairing speedy and efficient drying with a relatively low price.

Find out which dryer scored the highest on our Best Buy tumble dryers page.

The best tumble dryers

In our group tests we uncover the tumble dryers that can not only dry your clothes in a jiffy, but also have effective settings for leaving laundry in the perfect slightly damp condition ready for ironing. To top our tests tumble dryers also have to be easy to load, quiet, and deliver low running costs by not guzzling energy.

The newest Best Buy is easy to use, dries clothes quickly, has lots of useful extra features and is cheap to run. In fact, compared to other models of this type, our new Best Buy tumble dryer is cheap to buy too.

Spending more won’t guarantee you a better dryer. We’ve found Best Buy tumble dryers of all shapes and sizes that won’t break the bank, and poor quality models that cost hundreds of pounds. 

Read our tumble dryer reviews to make sure you don’t splash out on a dud.   

Tumble dryers: find the right type for you 

Not everyone wants to spend loads on a tumble dryer with all the latest features, so it’s important to know what to expect for your budget. Below we outline the main types of tumble dryer and how much they cost. 

Vented tumble dryers

This is the traditional type of tumble dryer that works by pumping damp air from the drum outside via a hose which is attached to a wall or window. Vented tumble dryers are perfect for those on a tighter budget, as they tend to be the cheapest with prices ranging from £150 to £500. Best Buys start at just £150.

Condenser tumble dryers

Condenser tumble dryers work by taking warm air from your laundry and depositing it as water in a tank, which you’ll need to empty. This means you don’t have to fix the dryer to a vent, so you can put the machine anywhere in your home near a plug socket. They can range from £160 to £600, but quality really varies, so make sure you pick one which works well. We have Best Buys from less than £300.

Heat pump tumble dryers

Heat pump tumble dryers are super energy efficient and have only been around for a few years. Typically heat pump condenser models are the most expensive but can save you money in the long run, as they save energy by reheating and reusing the air circulating in the dryer. Prices can range from £400 to £1000 and we’ve found Best Buys from around £750.

Latest tumble dryers reviewed

The full list of tumble dryers we’ve just tested, including our new Best Buy, is below.

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