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Who will clean up on Bake Off?

Revealed: the Best Buys behind the Bake Off winner

Cleaning oven

Make life easier by opting for an oven that has pyrolytic or catalytic cleaning

It’s the Great British Bake Off final tonight with just three contestants remaining. For bakers, Ian, Nadiya and Tamal, it’s their turn in the spotlight, but what’s going on behind the scenes to keep the pots, and pans, mixers, trays and ovens in the pristine condition we see on the telly?

Across the 10 weeks of Bake Off, 12 contestants bake more than 220 mostly great-looking bakes – but their work stations often look a mess by the end. At this point, a team rushes in to clean and wash-up while the bakers take a break.

But most of us don’t have the luxury of anyone cleaning up after our great kitchen creations.

This is where Which? reviews can come to your rescue. We test hundreds of products – including dishwashers, washing-up liquid, dishwasher detergents and self-cleaning ovens – which can all help to make your life in the kitchen easier.

Dishwasher reviews

At the Bake Off, washing up is done by hand as noise from dishwashers might interfere with filming. 

Our rigorous lab testing makes sure a dishwasher is great at the basics – leaving your dishes sparkling and dry – but we also measure how noisy each one is, so you can opt for one that doesn’t drown out the TV – especially if Bake Off is on. 

Go to dishwasher reviews to find our verdict on 169 dishwashers.

Best Buy ovens

Apparently Paul Hollywood is so fond of his Aston Martin that he’s been known to clean it every couple of hours. But oven cleaning is a job that doesn’t appeal to most of us.

If you go for an oven that has a high-temperature pyrolytic function or catalytic liners, then cleaning can be a thing of the past. Find out which ovens have impressed in our testing the most at built-in oven Best Buys.

Clean up your kitchen like a pro

Even if you’ve failed to emulate your baking guru’s cake creations, you can still get your cookware spotless with our Best Buy cleaning products.

Our Best Buy washing-up liquids will help you power through even the toughest baked-on food. We introduced a tough grease test after Which? members told us that baked-on fat and grease are the most difficult foodstuffs to wash off by hand. Two of our Best Buys excelled in this test so you can be sure they’ll help get your cake tins gleaming.

If you plan to let your dishwasher do the hard work, check our Best Buy dishwasher tablets to find out which will help you clean-up after baking cake, bread or pastry – and which struggle to shift common foodstuffs. Starchy foods, baked-on egg and burnt milk are among the foods we challenge dishwasher detergents to shift in our tests so you know which will get your dishes the cleanest.

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