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Pyrolytic ovens: the latest Which? reviews

New Best Buy self-cleaning ovens for messy cooks

Which? oven testing: our latest results

We’ve got new test results for the latest hi-tech ovens, including pyrolytic models

Good news if you’re prone to spills in the kitchen – the latest ovens on the market promise to stay sparkling with a minimum of elbow grease, by cleaning themselves. 

And that’s not all – we’ve just tested 10 ovens with a host of hi-tech extras from meat probes to steam jets, baking sensors, and even remote control (via wi-fi). 

If the last time you bought an oven a programmable timer was the most advanced thing about it, read on to get the lowdown on the most useful new oven features. 

If you want to see reviews of the new-for-2015 Bosch Serie 8 ovens, Neff’s latest range, or Samsung’s Chef Collection – including the wi-fi oven – head straight to our oven reviews.

Self-cleaning ovens

We think self-cleaning is one of the most useful extras you can get. And it seems you agree, as the popularity of these models is on the rise. There are several options – including budget-friendly catalytic liners (which help to break down grease and spills over time), and ovens which clean with steam – but pyrolytic ovens are particularly popular.

Turn an oven onto its pyrolytic cleaning cycle and you can let it tackle one of your most hated household tasks – oven cleaning – without lifting a finger. Pyrolytic cleaning programs super-heat your oven and burn off encrusted food from the interior. If it’s a decent model, all you should be left with once the oven has cooled down is some fine ash, although you’ll still need to clean the shelves and door yourself.

Other extras such as steam cooking, meat probes and sensor-assisted cooking can help you create more professional results. For example a burst of steam can help to achieve that perfect golden crust on your loaf. But these features come at a premium, so think about whether you will make regular use of them before investing, to avoid ending up with a costly white elephant.

Samsung NV73J9770RS

The Samsung NVJ3J9770RS Chef Collection oven can be monitored remotely using wi-fi

Smart ovens – the future of cooking?

In 2015, several big brands introduced wi-fi connectivity to their appliances, to allow you to control your home gadgets from your smartphone or tablet. 

We tried out this feature on the new Samsung NV73J9770RS connected oven, but we felt that it wasn’t really worth paying a premium for. You can check how long your meal has left to cook from your phone, and turn the oven off, but you can’t turn it on.

It has other features which may tempt you though, including touch controls, pyrolytic cleaning, a meat probe, steam function and pre-programmed recipes, so read the full Samsung NV73J9770RS review to see whether its cooking ability impressed us.

Which? built-in oven reviews

Need an oven that won’t let you down at Christmas? Below is the full list of all the ovens we’ve just tested, including five pyrolytic models – three of which scored brilliantly enough to become Best Buys.

Click on the links to see the full reviews and our expert Which? verdict.

Prices correct as of November 2015.

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