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Which tumble dryer should you buy in the sales?

Latest tumble dryer test results from Which?

A picture of a tumble dryer being set showing its digital display

Tumble dryers tested by Which? are tested to two levels of dryness with four different loads of clothes

If you’re planning to pick up a tumble dryer in the January sales, see how the dryers in our latest tests have performed before you make your choice. 

We’ve tested nine new tumble dryers, ranging in price from a budget £160 right up to £600, from brands including Beko, Siemens, Smeg, White Knight and Zanussi. 

These included vented, condenser and heat-pump tumble dryer models.

We sent them to the Which? Test Lab and put them through four weeks of intensive performance tests to find out which ones are best and which should be avoided.

Compare the results in our reviews of almost 200 vented, condenser and heat-pump tumble dryers.

Best v worst tumble dryers

The best tumble dryers we test master the art of drying clothes evenly, so that everything in the load is equally dry. They also dry accurately to the settings they’re running on. This means that if you set a Best Buy dryer to dry your clothes so that they can be put away in the wardobe, that’s exactly how dry they will be. 

The very best dryers will do this efficiently and quickly, cutting-down drying times. 

The best take just 15 minutes to dry 1kg of laundry, the worst take twice as long.

In our latest test we’ve found tumble dryers that are very good at these three key drying tasks, but we’ve also found some that are slow to dry and don’t dry clothes effectively, leaving many too damp to put away or to wear.

Which? Test Lab tumble dryer secrets

At the Which? Test Lab we dry both cotton clothes and those made of man-made fibres and we test with 70% full loads, because that’s how we know you use your dryer. We test dryers on their iron dry settings, where clothes need to retain a little moisture to be ironed, and also on their cupboard dry settings, where clothes need to be completely dry and ready to be put away.

We individually weigh all of the clothes used in our tests both before and after the test. Any difference in weight at the end of the test will be water from the wash that hasn’t been removed by the dryer. 

Tumble dryers on test

Beko DCX83100W – £320
Beko DHY7340W – £250
Siemens WT46B290GB – £399
Siemens WT34A090GB – £470
Siemens WT45W290GB – £350
Smeg DHT71EUK – £600
Beko DCX71100W – £419
White Knight B44AW – £160
Zanussi ZTE7101PZ – £200

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