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New Best Buy tumble dryers revealed

Vented and heat-pump tumblers win top Which? award

Tumble dryer - a woman is loading a tumble dryer, looking into the drum and smiling

The best tumble dryers will dry 1kg of washing in just 15 minutes

Two tumble dryers have been awarded coveted Best Buy status in the latest Which? tumble dryer tests.

Which? tested eight dryers from brands including AEG, Beko, Grundig, Hotpoint, Logik and Miele. Two dryers – one a vented model, the other an energy-saving heat-pump condenser dryer – blew the competition away with their drying speed and energy efficiency and were deservedly crowned as Which? Best Buys.

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Tumble dryers test results

Our latest Best Buy tumble dryers were head and shoulders above the rest on test. One heat-pump model did a brilliant job of drying clothes quickly and accurately, and did so using half the energy of a conventional condenser dryer. The other new Best Buy is one of the best vented dryers we’ve ever seen.

Best v worst tumble dryers

You won’t be able to see the difference between the best and worst tumble dryers in a shop or online and that’s where Which? tests come in.

Our independent tests show that the best dryers will dry clothes quickly and to the dryness level you set – this means that at the end of the cycle your clothes will be dry enough to put away. We’ve found that the best tumble dryers take around 15 minutes to thoroughly dry 1kg of clothes, but the worst take twice as long.

The best dryers will leave all of the clothes in the drum dry, but the worst will leave you with still damp clothes, or some dry and others still wet. And the best tumble dryers will cut drying energy costs in half.

How we test tumble dryers

We keep our tumble dryer tests real by testing them how you use them. This means that instead of filling each one to the brim, we load them to 70% of their capacity. 

We also test with smaller loads to replicate the emergency drying of a few items for a night out, for example. And we test how well each tumbler dries both cottons and man-made fibres.

Finally, we test driers on their two main drying programs: cupboard dry and iron dry, so that we can paint an accurate picture of how well each dryer works on its two main settings.

The full list of tumble dryers we’ve just tested, including our new Best Buys, is below.

AEG T86581IH1 – £599
Beko DC7112W – £200
Beko DSX83410W – £350
Grundig GTN38250HGCB – £430
Hotpoint SUTCDGREEN9A1 – £499
Hotpoint TCFS73BGP – £239
Logik  LVD7W15 – £150
Miele T8722 – £630

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