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Which? finds the cheapest place to buy Pampers nappies

Price of Pampers newborn nappies investigated

Baby in nappy

Newborns go through a lot of nappies – find out how you can save

Pampers is the go-to nappy brand for a lot of new parents but Pampers nappies are usually more expensive than own-brand nappies, and with your newborn needing up to 12 changes a day, costs soon add up. 

We tracked prices of a 23 pack of Pampers New Baby size 1 newborn nappies at eight stores – including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Superdrug – over the course of a year to find out which store sold Pampers newborn nappies cheapest.

Our results reveal that certain stores put Pampers newborn nappies on offer for the majority of the year, meaning new parents can save money in these stores more often. 

Shopping around for Pampers nappies and taking advantage of multibuy offers could save you more than £10 a week on your newborn nappy shop.

Our full guide to the cheapest Pampers nappies shows you which stores had the cheapest price, what the average price for each store was, and what the best multibuy pack price was.

Cheap Pampers nappies

If you’re after cheap Pampers newborn nappies, we’d advise you to steer clear of certain stores – including Ocado – which came out in our research as having the highest average price point for the Pampers newborn nappies we looked at, and rarely put them on sale. 

The cheapest price Ocado sold these nappies at was still more than the average price for half of the rest of the stores we investigated.

Pampers new baby size 1 nappies

We tracked the price of these Pampers newborn nappies over the course of a year

Another store with a relatively high average price point for Pampers newborn nappies put them on sale for more than half the year – which means savvy shoppers could almost avoid ever paying full price here.

When there’s a Pampers newborn nappy multibuy on, be wary of buying individual packs: we found that both Tesco and Asda hiked up the prices on individual packs of these nappies as soon as they put them on multibuy.

To find out which stores are the best for your newborn nappies, read our full guide to cheaper Pampers nappies.

How we analysed prices

We compared the price of a 23 pack of Pampers New Baby size 1 newborn nappies at eight different stores between 1 January and 31 December 2015. We calculated the average price of a pack of these nappies at each store for the whole year, and also picked out the cheapest price these nappies were sold for at each store over the year. For these prices we included special offer discounts but not multibuys. Separately, we calculated the cheapest individual pack price under a multibuy offer for each store. We used data from the independent shopping website MySupermarket to do our calculations.

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