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Is 2016 the year to go cordless?

Best new cordless vacuum cleaners revealed

Shows a cordless vacuum cleaner along with the Best Buy logo and a view of our test results

Our cordless vacuum tests uncovered two new Best Buys – one costs less than £200

If you’re looking to invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner, we’ve got test results in for the latest models from Dyson, Bosch and AEG – including two new Best Buys.

Cordless cleaners can make giving your home a once-over extra easy as they are quick and simple to use, as well as being very light compared to an ordinary vacuum. 

They can be pricey, but we’ve found a new Best Buy for under £200, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of going cordless.

See all our reviews and find the best value cordless vacuum by heading to our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why buy a cordless vacuum cleaner? 

Cordless vacuums tend to be lighter and easier to use than a conventional plug-in vacuum cleaner. Many include a removable handheld vacuum or extra accessories that can be used to clean shelves, worktops, stairs, or even taken out to the car.

While going cordless gives you more freedom to move around the house, there are drawbacks. Some models have pitifully short battery life, and others fail to clean as effectively as an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Cordless battery life

Battery life can range from less than 20 minutes to over an hour when on a standard setting. This can drop to less than seven minutes if you get into the habit of always using your vacuum cleaner on maximum or turbo mode – often the most effective cleaning mode.

The average Which? member takes around 37 minutes to vacuum their home, so it is important to choose a cordless vacuum that won’t die on you half-way through cleaning.

We test how long each cordless vacuum cleaner lasts on standard and turbo mode, and we also test how long they take to fully recharge. Sometimes the battery life is significantly different to the claim of the manufacturer, so make sure you read our cordless vacuum reviews before you buy. 

Cordless vs corded vacuum cleaners

The big question with cordless vacuum cleaners is whether they suck up as much dust and grime as an ordinary vacuum cleaner. We haven’t yet found a cordless vacuum that can match the abilities of our best vacuum cleaners, but that doesn’t mean that cordless vacuum cleaners won’t still do a good job. 

We’ve found a number of cordless vacuums which achieve excellent dust pick up scores, particularly on hard floors and sometimes even on carpet (although you’ll usually need to be on the most powerful setting to achieve this). So if you’re keen to buy a cordless vacuum for the convenience and ease of vacuuming, pick one of our Best Buy cordless vacuum cleaners to make sure you get the best clean.

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