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First Nespresso smart coffee machine unveiled

Capsule machine can be operated by smartphone

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Prodigio, the first ever connected coffee machine by Nespresso

Nespresso has launched Prodigio, its first ever smart coffee machine, which can be controlled with your smartphone. There are two versions of this capsule coffee machine, made by Krups and Magimix, both of which let you prepare your morning espresso remotely.

The new Prodigio coffee machine allows you to create a coffee wherever you are in your home with a few swipes on your smartphone – it uses Bluetooth technology to connect the coffee machine with the Nespresso app.  

One of our researchers will be giving the Prodigio a try soon and we will let you know what our first impressions are.

In the meantime, if you want to find out which machine suits your needs and taste, have a look at our coffee machines reviews that include bean-to-cup, ground coffee and capsule models.

UPDATE (23/03/2016): See the full first look review of the Krups Nespresso Prodigio.

Smart capsule coffee machine features

This is a new compact capsule model by Nespresso. There are currently two versions: the Prodigio priced at £159 and the Prodigio&Milk at £199. The Prodigio&Milk comes with a milk frother, which means you can make lattes or cappuccinos.

Like other Nespresso models, you can choose from three different coffee sizes to serve Ristretto (smallest), Espresso and Lungo (largest).  All Nespresso machines use the same range of capsules and the Prodigio model is no different – you can use any of the 23 Nespresso coffees.

What new ‘smart’ features does it offer?

The new Prodigio coffee machine allows you to schedule your drink at your desired time. It also lets you monitor your capsules stock so you know when to reorder and alerts you with maintenance and error messages.

Nespresso is the latest company to introduce smart coffee machines that can be operated via a smartphone app but there are also other brands out there, like De’Longhi or Smarter, which have also launched smart coffee machines. If you are a filter coffee fan, head down to our review of the Smarter coffee machine to find out what our researcher thought of the first ever smart filter coffee machine.

Which? capsule coffee machine reviews

We have tested 59 capsule coffee machines from popular brands including DeLonghi, Krups, Magimix and FrancisFrancis,  and will soon release the results of a new batch we recently tested.

Giles Hilton, a coffee tasting expert, acts as our expert taster for all coffee machines we test. He blind taste tests an espresso and cappuccino made by each machine and rates them against flavour, texture, smell and aroma.

Find out more about how we test coffee machines with our handy guide.

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