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Can Salter’s soup maker rival Morphy Richards?

It looks almost identical but costs less

Head to head image of Salter vs Morphy Richards soup makers

Find out what we thought of the Salter soup maker

The Salter Electric soup maker bears more than a passing resemblance to the popular Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup, but costs around £10-30 less, depending on whether you catch it on offer or not. 

But is it worth paying more or can this budget soup maker churn out tasty and satisfying results? 

To help you choose, we’ve compared the vital stats of each soup maker below, and one of our researchers has tried out the Salter electric soup maker at home to see if it does a good job of making quick and easy homemade soup.

You can get the full first look verdict by heading to the Salter Electronic Soup Maker review.

Soup makers compared: Salter vs Morphy Richards

While both soup makers have a recommended price of £99.99, they are usually on offer for much less than this, and we’ve found that the Salter is usually between £10-£30 cheaper. You can see how their key specifications compare in the table below. 

Salter vs Morphy Richards – key specs compared
  Salter Morphy Richards
Price £35 £65
Power 1,000 watts 1,000 watts
Jug Capacity (litres) 1.6 1.6
Speed/settings 3 4
Saute function No Yes
Easy Clean function Yes No
Smooth soups – cooking time 20-25 minutes        21 minutes   
Chunky soups – cooking time 30 minutes        28 minutes   
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The key difference is that the Morphy Richards benefits from a sauté function, which allows you to brown ingredients in the jug for extra flavour. If you opt for the Salter soup maker, you’ll have to brown any chosen ingredients separately.

To see if our researcher thought the sauté function was effective, head to the full first look review of the Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker.

Picture of a person holding a bowl of soup

Soup makers should whip up delicious soup with minimal fuss.

Do you need an electric soup maker?

Electric soup makers are designed to save on the hassle involved in making home-made soup, by cooking and blending ingredients in the same machine. This means less washing up and also frees you from having to supervise your food on the hob.

Many soup makers can also make cold blends like smoothies or pureés – great news if you like to top up your five-a-day with a fruity blend.

However, it does mean another gadget competing for space in your kitchen, so it’s worth doing your research to decide what type of soup maker will suit you best.

For advice on the different types of soup maker, and all of our latest reviews, head to our guide on choosing the best soup maker.

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