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Four Best Buy tumble dryers in new Which? reviews

Condenser and heat-pump tumble dryer reviews


We put drying full and half loads of clothes to the test when we review tumble dryers

We’ve just tested seven new condenser and heat-pump tumble dryers ranging in price from  £270 for a condenser from Beko to £850 for an energy-saving heat-pump dryer from Miele. But is it worth paying top-dollar for a heat-pump tumble dryer? Or is a cheaper conventional condenser dryer good enough for you?

Tumble dryers from brands including Beko, Bosch, Miele and Hotpoint were included in our most recent tests.

There are Best Buy condenser, vented and heat-pump tumble dryers on our site – check out our Best Buy tumble dryer reviews to find a great dryer from a reliable brand. 

Condenser tumble dryers vs heat-pump dryers

Both types of dryer extract water from your just-washed clothes in the same way. Warm and damp air leaving the drum is passed through a chilled condenser – a cold metal box. As the air hits the condenser, water is collected in a tank, which you can empty. If you plumb your machine in, you can drain the water away, as you would with a washing machine.

The difference between conventional condenser dryers and heat-pump dryers is energy use. Heat-pump machines use less than half of the energy of a normal condenser. They manage this by re-using heat passing out of the drum to continue to dry clothes. But heat pump dryers are usually more expensive to buy.

Our tumble dryer reviews will give you an estimate of how much the model you’re looking at will cost to run, so you can work out which is the best value type of dryer for you.

How we test tumble dryers

To find out which dryers are best we test them with four different loads of clothes, two types of fabric to two separate dryness settings. 

We attempt to completely dry almost full-loads and half-loads of cottons as well as a load of polyester shirts. We also try to dry clothes to the point they can be finished off with an iron.

We find out how well the dryers actually dry by weighing the clothes before they are dried and again afterwards.

Latest tumble dryer reviews

Follow the links below to read the individual reviews of the seven most recently-tested tumble dryers.

Beko DCY9316W £270
Bosch WTH85200GB £499
Bosch WTWH7560GB £690
Bosch WTYH6790GB £740
Hotpoint TCFS93BGP £280
Miele TKB540WP  £850
Miele TMB540WP £850

Prices checked July 2016.

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