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Two new Best Buy microwaves revealed by Which?

10 more popular microwaves tested for 2016

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The best microwaves will heat up your meal perfectly evenly

The latest Which? microwave tests have revealed two new Best Buys, but also several disappointing models that aren’t worth investing in.

10 microwaves, ranging in price from just £45 to a budget-busting £599, have gone through our tough tests. Built-in and freestanding models from popular brands such as Daewoo, DeLonghi, Kenwood, Hotpoint, Panasonic, John Lewis and Russell Hobbs are included in the line-up.

We’ve found microwaves that will heat your food beautifully without drying it out and defrost food to within a degree or two of freezing. But we’ve come across others that cook unevenly, or deliver a part-cooked, part-frozen mess when you try to defrost your dinner.

Find a microwave that will suit your kitchen and your budget – and turn out a perfectly cooked meal – by heading to our round-up of Best Buy microwaves.

Flatbed microwaves

Two of the microwaves in our latest test are flatbed microwaves. These don’t have turntables inside – which help to ensure food gets cooked evenly in a standard microwave – but instead use a different technology to achieve the same result. 

You’ll pay more for a flatbed microwave, but the manufacturers claim that, as well as easier cleaning and more usable space inside, you get more even cooking. So you shouldn’t find yourself eating an unwanted forkful of lukewarm food.

The Russell Hobbs RHVM901 flatbed microwave claims to allow you to keep food warm and slow-cook meals as well as being less power hungry than traditional microwaves. The John Lewis JLBIC04 is a built-in ‘combi’ flatbed microwave that has conventional oven and grill functions as well as handling microwave cooking, so it could make a handy second cooking space in your kitchen.

Head to our microwave reviews to discover if either of these flatbed microwaves have been awarded Best Buy status.

Large vs small microwaves

We’ve just tested six models that will fit in a plate size of 30cm plus – handy if you have a larger dinner set. 

The Hotpoint MWH33343BUK offers a generous 35cm, but way out in the lead is the John Lewis JLBIC04 that allows you to fit in a massive 47cm-wide plate without having to tilt it.

Jane Darling, Which? microwaves expert, says: ‘Cheap microwaves are often on the small side, accommodating a plate width of no more than 27cm. If your plates are larger than this you’ll probably want to go for a step up size-wise. Don’t rush into buying a microwave only to get home to find that your dinner plates don’t fit in.’

Latest microwave reviews for 2016

Below is a list of all the models just added to our microwave reviews. Click on the link to go straight to the full review.

If you’re not sure whether just a basic microwave will do, or if it’s worth upgrading to a combi model, read our guide to buying the best microwave.

Prices correct as of 15 August 2016

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