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Great British Bake Off boosts baking gadget sales

Sales more than double in hour after Bake Off airs


Stand mixer and food processor sales increase in response to GBBO fever

The Great British Bake Off is whetting our appetite for baking, with viewers flocking to buy kitchen gadgets once the show has aired.

Sales of baking products on eBay jump by 133% in the hour after the popular programme. 

Viewers are also shopping for the likes of stand mixers and food processors while they watch Bake Off, with sales up 67% during the show, according to report released by eBay to mark the 21st birthday of the site’s UK arm.

And in another example of the power of television, bread maker sales spiked last November when featured on ITV’s This Morning.


An impressive kitchen can make the difference between a quick sale and a lengthy wait

Kitchen improvements

The report also showed that we’re using eBay to help do up our houses for sale. Two months before the big move there’s a 78% increase in the sales of kitchen islands.  

So if you’re planning a move and you want to spruce up the heart of your home to tempt would-be buyers, check out our run-down of best and worst kitchen brands

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A barbecue is a popular purchase when settling into a new home

Most popular new-home purchases

When we’ve made it to our new home, a popular purchase is a fridge or freezer, with eBay sales increasing by 118% in response to this. 

And we seem to be tempting our friends and family round to our new pad with the promise of a barbie. eBay records a 133% increase in barbecue buying in the month after moving.

Top of the buying list for home-movers is a new mattress, with eBay sales spiking by 125% in the month before homes are bought.

But whether you’re moving house or not, if your mattress is a bit lumpy or sagging, use our guide to the best mattress brands to get a better night’s sleep.


Which? reviews can also help with everyday items such as dishwasher tablets

Use our reviews to bag a bargain

While there are plenty of second-hand purchases to be found among the approximately one billion items listed on eBay, 80% of products sold there in the past year were brand new.

But whether the item you’re buying is brand-new or second-hand, you’ll still want it to excel at its purpose, which is where Which? reviews can help.

It’s not just the bigger purchases such as washing machines and ovens you’ll find among our thousands of reviews, but also regular purchases such as batteries, dishwasher tablets and compost.

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