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Dazzling and dire tumble dryers for 2017 revealed

Two new Best Buys and one tumble dryer to avoid

Woman emptying a tumble dryer of brightly coloured clothes

The best tumble dryers dry everything in a load quickly and evenly

If 2017 means a new tumble dryer, we can reveal the latest Best Buys and one tumble dryer that’s so bad we’re warning consumers not to buy it.

Among the tumble dryers we’ve just reviewed are two innovative heat-pump models: the Beko DPH8756W (£559) and the Smeg DHT81LUK (£500). Both dramatically cut your electricity bills by re-using heat leaving the drum to continue to dry the clothes.

If budget is a key consideration we’ve also just reviewed several models sub-£200. The Hoover VT581NC vented tumble dryer and the Candy GVC91CB condenser tumble dryer.

Find out which of these these, or other popular models from Siemens and Smeg, that we’ve just rated the latest tumble dryer Best Buys

One of the worst dryers we’ve tested

As well as recommending the Best Buy tumble dryers, we also highlight the Don’t Buys to steer clear of when you’re choosing a new tumble dryer. 

You aren’t able to trust the drying sensor on our latest Don’t Buy. We found that too often the load in the drum had been over dried or wasn’t dry enough. We also found that within a load it didn’t dry all the clothes evenly, which meant some were wet while others were dry. 

Discover this and our other Don’t Buy tumble dryers to cross off your shortlist.

Best Buy and Don’t Buy tumble dryers

You’d think all tumble dryers would at least do the basic job of drying your clothes. But we often find that this isn’t the case and that there are big differences in how well (or not) dryers actually dry.

When the buzzer sounds at the end of the program on a Best Buy tumble dryer, you’ll be able to put the clothes away, or wear them, straightaway.

The worst dryers will either leave your clothes damp or will over-dry them, which could lead to damage to the fabric

Best Buys also dry clothes in the drum evenly, so you’ll be unlikely to find some damp and some bone dry clothes in the same load.

The worst dryers have a poor tumbling action, which can lead to clothes bundling together and not drying evenly.

The best dryers we’ve seen will dry 1kg of laundry in under 15 minutes. The worst will take twice as long. For a standard 8kg capacity dryer, this means a full-load will take four hours to dry, two hours longer than on the fastest machines.

Latest tumble dryer reviews

The full list of tumble dryers we’ve just tested, with links to each review, is listed below.

Beko DCJ83133W – £319
Beko DPH8756W – £489
Candy GVCD91CB – £189
Hoover DMCD1013B – £280
Hoover VTV581NC –  £200
Siemens WT45N200GB – £518
Smeg DHT81LUK – £449

Prices correct as of 27 January 2017.

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