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Pampers or Aldi? Best nappy brand revealed

We’ve asked 2,000 parents to rate disposable nappy brands, including Aldi, Pampers and Tesco, and found a 27% difference between the top and bottom brands.

The best brand impresses parents so much they give it a rating of 77%, while the two nappy brands in last place score just 50%.

There is also a big price difference between the brands. Our top scorer would cost half the price of the brand in second place for the first three months of your baby’s life.

Find out which nappy brand will keep your baby dry and save you money – and which ones you should avoid – by browsing the best disposable nappy brands.

Best nappy brands

We surveyed 2,000 UK parents with children under five, asking them to rate the nappy brand they are currently using, and have used in the past year.

We asked parents to tell us how satisfied they were with their nappy brand, and whether they would recommend it to a friend. We also asked them to rate absorbency, comfort and fit.

The best brand was rated as ‘excellent’ (five stars) for everything except absorbency, for which it was said to be ‘very good’.

The runner up was the only brand to be rated excellent for absorbency.

Our lowest performers were rated no higher than ‘good’ (three stars) for anything, and were said to be ‘poor’ (two stars) for a number of aspects, including absorbency and fit.

Find out how budget nappy brands Aldi Mamia and Lidl Toujours did in our survey – you might be able to save a pretty penny.

How to save money on nappies

We all know that babies aren’t cheap. In the first few months your baby will use between six and 12 nappies a day. With nappies costing up to around 14p each, this could really add up.

But there are ways to keep costs down. For a start, it’s worth picking a highly rated brand that’s cheap to buy – we’ve seen good-scoring nappies for less than 8p each.

Consider buying in bulk – the more nappies in one pack, the cheaper it’s likely to be. But be careful about buying a large number for newborns and very young babies, as they’re likely to grow out of sizes fast.

Multibuys and offers can be a great way to save, but always check the price per nappy to help determine which is the best deal.

See more buying tips and find out whether disposable nappies are right for you with our guide to buying the best disposable nappies.

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