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‘Revolutionary’ new cordless vacuum cleaner announced

The Lupe One launches next year and was designed by ex-Dyson engineers

‘Revolutionary’ new cordless vacuum cleaner announced

The new Lupe One cordless vacuum cleaner could be set to ‘revolutionise’ the market with its ‘groundbreaking’ technology, its inventors have announced.

Claiming to deliver a combination of ‘great dirt removal, excellent filtration, a long running time and low noise’, the designers of the Lupe One say it will ‘redefine the cordless floorcare market, finally delivering the cleaning power and functionality consumers deserve’.

It sounds like a winning combination, and our experts can’t wait to get their hands on it when it’s unveiled at this year’s IFA consumer trade show in September. We’ll bring you our first impressions then, but you’ll have to wait until the second half of 2018 before you can buy the Lupe One in shops.

Update for 25th June 2019: Lupe has reached its Kickstarter funding goal and will begin production on its cordless vacuum cleaner in December 2019.

If you need a new cordless model now, head to our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

Lupe One vacuum cleaner in detail

The handheld Lupe One, invented by two engineers who used to work at Dyson, has an interchangeable motor and battery pack that can be upgraded as the technology evolves. We’ve seen removable batteries on cordless models, such as the Cordless Henry and Vax Air Cordless Lift, but a removable motor is unusual, and the inventors hope it will help to ‘future proof’ the Lupe One.

Replacing these parts could be pricey, though. New batteries from Vax cost between £50 and £80, so upgrading a vacuum cleaner in this modular way could end up being nearly as expensive as buying a new model. With the makers of the Lupe estimating a price tag that will be ‘cheaper than Dyson, but more expensive than Gtech’, it will be interesting to see what the final cost will be for this new vac.

Lupe also claims on its website that the Lupe One will deliver 100% dust removal, compared with the 60% you get with a leading competitor. But it’s keeping the exact technical details, such as the type of dust and debris they used and the floor surfaces they’re testing on, under wraps until the trade show.

Which? vacuum cleaners expert Matt Knight said: ‘The cordless vacuum cleaner market is chock-a-block with sub-standard and expensive cleaners, and only a few models can truly claim to deliver the type of cleaning you should expect from a good corded vacuum cleaner. It’s great to see a new manufacturer trying to crack the problem of top-quality cleaning without the cord. We can’t wait to get this machine in our lab to try it out and deliver our verdict.’

Handheld vacs – the pros and cons

Opting for a cordless model over a traditional vacuum may be handy at times, but there are some compromises. The smaller dust capacity means more regular emptying and maintenance, while battery life can be disappointingly short.

Most of the cordless models we’ve tested aren’t good enough to replace your normal vacuum cleaner. And several don’t even come close – we’ve tested 14 Don’t Buy cordless vacuum cleaners that we recommend you avoid at all costs.

We’ve only seen a few that are capable of providing excellent dust pick-up, while lasting long enough to get round the house on a single charge. You’ll have to wait until later next year to find out whether the Lupe One is good enough to join our exclusive list of Best Buy cordless vacuum cleaners.

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