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Samsung and Bosch take on Dyson with new cordless vacuum cleaners

Our first impressions of the Samsung Powerstick Pro and the Bosch Unlimited

Samsung and Bosch take on Dyson with new cordless vacuum cleaners

Update for 19 November 2018: we’ve fully tested both these models. See how they compare to the Dyson V10 in our Samsung PowerStick Pro and Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum reviews.

Bosch and Samsung made the most of Dyson’s absence at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week, with both brands unveiling new cordless vacuum cleaners.

The Bosch Unlimited and the Samsung Powerstick Pro both bear more than a passing resemblance to the popular Dyson cordless vacuums, opting for a small body and slim floorhead attachment that can be swapped for handheld cleaning accessories. This is a big change from the current Bosch cordless design, and it’s also the first cordless vacuum cleaner we’ve seen from Samsung.

Read on to find out more about what the Samsung Powerstick Pro and Bosch Unlimited have to offer, and see the Powerstick Pro in action in our first look video from the IFA 2017 show.

To get straight to the models we recommend, head to our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

Samsung Powerstick Pro: first impressions

Manoeuvrability and twin dust brushes were the two main things that caught our eye with the Powerstick Pro when we tried it at IFA.

Samsung is aiming straight for the top with this model, claiming that it has ‘industry-leading suction power’ and a digital inverter motor that ‘spins faster than a tornado’. It also has twin turbo brushes in the floorhead: these spin in opposite directions and are designed to capture both fine dust and larger debris. Samsung says these developments mean just one sweep of an area will be enough to leave it clean. We’ll see how the Powerstick Pro’s dust-busting credentials stack up when we test it fully.

The Powerstick Pro also has a ‘Flex Handle’, which you can see in action in the video above. This extends the hinge between the handle and cleaning tube by 50 degrees, at the press of a switch. We thought this was a nice extra, and could make it easier to vacuum in hard-to-reach areas such as under the sofa.

The Samsung Powerstick Pro is due to launch in the UK in October 2017, and is likely to cost at least £500. This places it right at the top end of the price spectrum, so it will have to be very good indeed to be worth the outlay. We’ve found Best Buys for less, so check our list of the best cordless vacuums for cheaper alternatives.

Bosch Unlimited cordless

Bosch Unlimited cordless: first impressions

Battery life is one of the big selling points of the Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner. The 55 minute claimed run time is longer than previous cordless Bosch models – and its key rivals. You’ll be lucky to get half that time in turbo mode, but you should still get more than the eight minutes of turbo cleaning time you get from the Dyson V8 Animal.

And that’s not all. The battery in the Bosch Unlimited is the same that’s used in many of Bosch’s power tools – and so is easily interchangeable. If you own a Bosch drill, for example, you can raid your drill battery in the event that your cordless vac happens to run out of juice a few minutes before you finish cleaning.

Perhaps the biggest change from previous Bosch Athlet cordless range is the move towards a Dyson stick-style design. A drawback of previous Bosch models was that the handheld cleaning mode was rather awkward to use, requiring you to attach a shoulder strap and adopt a Ghostbusters-style approach to cleaning sofas and tricky corners. Now you can merely slip off the floor tool and attach mini cleaning accessories.

The full-price package costs £499 and includes two batteries and a turbo charger, which Bosch claims completes a charge in 45 minutes, compared with the standard four-hour charge. Bosch also plans to sell the Unlimited without a battery – which will cut its cost if you already own compatible Bosch power tools.

The Bosch Unlimited will launch in January 2018 and we’ll get it tested as soon as possible to see how it compares to rivals. In the meantime, check our top five cordless vacuum cleaners of 2017 to see the models we recommend for quick and thorough cleaning.

Dyson V8, Bosch Unlimited and Samsung Powerstick Pro compared

Both Bosch and Samsung are aiming to bring something unique to the table with their new cordless vacuums. But what about the basics? Below, we compare the Dyson V8, Bosch Unlimited and Powerstick Pro on key specs like battery life and price.

Stated run time (normal mode) Stated charge time Price
Bosch Unlimited 55 mins 45 mins /4 hours* £499**
Dyson V8 cordless Up to 40 mins 5 hours £378 (V8 Absolute)
Samsung Powerstick Pro 40 mins 4.5 hours £500+

*Using turbo / standard charger ** Including two batteries and turbo charger

We’ll have to wait for our full lab tests to see if the new models can live up to their high price tags and deliver top-notch cleaning power. Our tests show that battery life and charge time can be quite different to what manufacturers claim. Check our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews to find out how models from major brands including Bosch, Dyson and Vax match up when we put them through our rigorous lab tests.

Cordless vacuums clean up

Cordless vacuum cleaners are an increasingly popular choice in UK homes, thanks to their convenience and light weight. However, we’ve found that they can be a risky buy, especially if you are relying on a cordless vacuum cleaner as your main vacuum. Our most recent lab test uncovered 11 cordless cleaners that were so poor at everyday cleaning we had to name them Don’t Buy vacuums to avoid.

Matt Knight, Which? vacuum cleaner expert, says: ‘Our testing shows that on average, the standard of cleaning with cordless vacuums is much worse than with conventional corded models – 11 of our most recent batch of cordless vacuum cleaners were so bad that we made them Don’t Buys.

‘However, there are some brilliant cordless models out there. We look forward to testing the Powerstick Pro and Bosch Unlimited to see how well they clean compared to the competition.’

Not sure if a cordless vacuum is for you? Check our guide to corded vs cordless vacuum cleaners for more advice.

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