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Which? first look: new Panasonic bread maker

Is the Panasonic SD-ZX2522 bread maker worth spending your dough on?

The new Panasonic SD-ZX2522 bread maker has a raft of features for baking and making dough, including a good range of gluten-free options. We took this bread maker home try it out, but did it rise to the occasion?

Panasonic’s latest offering is aimed at those who want to go beyond an everyday white loaf. You’ll find options for making everything from pasta to pizza dough, and a variety of bread options that include wholemeal, sourdough, soda bread and brioche.

It’s also the first Panasonic model to offer gluten-free pasta, cake and wholemeal bread settings in addition to standard gluten-free bread – so could be handy if you want to save on pricey ‘free-from’ supermarket loaves.

Can this bread maker turn out loaves worthy of the famed Hollywood handshake on Bake Off? Get our verdict in the full Panasonic SD-ZX2522 first look review.

Panasonic SD-ZX2522 features

This 2017 model sits at the top of Panasonic’s seven-strong range of automatic bread makers. It has touch controls with a black glass finish, and has a nifty dispenser for yeast, fruit and nuts that can drop ingredients into your loaf during baking. You also get a 13-hour delay timer that you can set in 10-minute intervals, and an impressive 20 baking modes and 15 dough settings.

Panasonic says that the extra gluten-free options for pasta and pizza dough are down to new kneading technology that can handle harder doughs. However, we found that some gluten-free settings required specific ingredients that were tricky to track down, so you may need to do a little shopping around to get hold of everything you need.

Panasonic bread makers

Panasonic models tend to sit at the higher end of the price bracket compared with models from other brands, with prices ranging from £85 to £240. All Panasonic bread makers have a similar look and design, but features will vary depending on which model you pick.

Some older Panasonic models are less than half the price of the SD-ZX2522, so if you aren’t fussed about gluten-free options you might be better off with a lower-spec version. We’ve tested all the older models, plus some cheaper rivals from brands such as Andrew James, JML, Lakeland and Tower. Find out which models have been crowned star bakers by checking our list of the best bread makers.

Gluten-free rye bread from bread maker

Reliable bread maker brands

If you’re buying a new bread maker, you’ll want to know that it has a reputation for reliability, so that you aren’t plagued by problems when all you want is to wake up to a freshly baked loaf.

As part of our research, we ask bread maker owners to tell us about how their product behaves once it’s home. We gather data about bread makers that have played up or broken down, and use this to get a picture of which brands last the distance and will leave you satisfied.

Our 2017 survey revealed big differences between the most and least-loved bread maker brands. To see how the different bread maker brands compare, and to find out how reliable they are compared with other small appliances, check our guide to the top bread maker brands for 2017.

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