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Has Hoover designed the oven of the future?

Hoover Vision oven has a 19-inch colour touchscreen in place of the usual controls

Has Hoover designed the oven of the future?

Hoover is giving a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘smart’ cooking with the launch of its Vision oven.

The Vision has a 19-inch fully interactive touchscreen on the door that lets you watch video cooking tutorials and look up, save and amend favourite recipes. The oven has a single power button, with all other functions and controls managed via the touchscreen.

Fans of the Great British Bake Off should be impressed with the interior camera. It means you can check on the progress of your cake without opening the oven door – a sure-fire way to a sunken sponge if done too early in the cooking process.

The Vision oven is available now, in major retailers. At £1,499, it’s at the top end of the price spectrum for a single oven, but it could certainly be a talking point in your kitchen.

Read on to find out more, or skip to our round-up of the best built-in ovens to see the cheaper models we recommend for aspiring bakers.

Hoover Vision oven

Hoover Vision oven features

If you’ve ever wished you could quickly compare what’s cooking in your oven to what it should look like in the recipe book, the Hoover Vision could be the answer.

The touchscreen door means you can look at the recipe, flick back to the in-oven camera and then back again to check it matches up. You can also check the cooking temperature and time remaining, and build a personal library of your favourite recipes, tutorials and videos.

If you don’t fancy following in the footsteps of the Bake Off contestants who spend half the show kneeling in front of their oven and desperately peering in, you can check progress via your smartphone or tablet with the Hoover Wizard app.

You’ll also get a claimed capacity of 80 litres, 10 separate cooking functions, a variable grill, telescopic runners and two enamel baking trays.

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How revolutionary is the Hoover Vision oven?

Hoover Vision oven open touch screen door

We’ve seen colour touchscreens and recipe guidance creeping onto ovens over the past few years, plus the occasional web-connected oven, or in-oven camera, too. However, none has gone quite as far as the Hoover Vision.

On the face of it, the size of the touchscreen should make it easier to navigate menus, and it means no messy fingers on your tablet or phone when cooking. Of course, you’ll probably have to work harder to keep the oven door clean, and if it plays up you’ll be stuck when it comes to making dinner.

Hoover Wizard connected appliances

The Vision oven forms part of Hoover’s Wizard range of wi-fi-connected appliances. Launched in 2015, it includes a growing collection of products, including washing machines, fridges, and even a vacuum cleaner, which are all designed to be controlled from one app.

While previous Hoover Wizard appliances were intended to be quite affordable, the Vision oven is up there with the priciest ovens around. That’s understandable, as touchscreens don’t come cheap, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it doesn’t have some features you might otherwise expect on a high-end oven, such as pyrolytic self-cleaning.

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Smart home appliances on the rise

Hoover Vision oven touch-screen door

Hoover isn’t the first brand to turn the door of an appliance into a touchscreen. The Samsung Family Hub fridge freezer has a similar feature, with cameras within the fridge that you can turn on when you’re in the supermarket to see whether you’ve run out of a certain food. It also lets you play music, write notes and get recipe inspiration through the touchscreen tablet on the front.

The Bosch HBG6764S6B oven, launched last year, can be controlled through the Home Connect app. This means you can turn on and pre-heat the oven using your phone when you’re on your way home, so it’s all ready for use when you walk through the door.

If you want to get keep tabs on your coffee habit, Nespresso has several machines that are controllable via its app. Both the Nespresso Prodigio and the more recently launched Nespresso Expert can be controlled via the Nespresso app. You can also get alerts when you are low on capsules, and when you need to descale or clean the machine.

For more on the smart products you can buy for your home, head to our smart home guide.

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