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Aldi cot bed mattress and cot bed Special Buys offers, are they worth it?

Our first look at Aldi's latest baby nursery products

Aldi cot bed mattress and cot bed Special Buys offers, are they worth it?

Aldi is selling a cot bed mattress (£29.99) and cot bed (£129.99), as part of its weekly Special Buys. As you’d expect, both are pretty cheap. But is either worth taking a chance on?

STORY UPDATE 11 August 2019: Aldi’s baby and toddler Specialbuys event is back and both the cot mattress and cot bed are available to buy online from Sunday 11 August, 2019 and in stores from Thursday 15 August, 2019.

 The Aldi Nursery Cot Bed With Drawer and Aldi Nursery Cot Bed Mattress are both at low prices and will probably shift pretty fast. If you’re tempted to pick up a very reasonably priced cot bed or cot bed mattress for your child, read on to find out what our experts think of these budget-friendly Aldi bargains.

Aldi Nursery Cot Bed with Drawer – £129.99

Height of cot bed – As with many other cot beds on the market, this Aldi cot bed has three adjustable base positions. This is handy, as you can initially raise the base to give you easy access to your newborn, then when your baby grows a bit bigger you can lower it to the medium position. The third position is for when the cot bed is converted into a toddler bed for your little one.

Dimensions – There’s a wide range of cot beds on the market, but the vast majority are rectangular like this Aldi cot bed. It’s a pretty average size, and it’s designed to be used with a standard cot bed mattress, which is 140x70cm. It’s essential that any cot bed mattress you choose fits your cot bed correctly, and it must sit snugly against the edges of the cot.

Under-bed storage – Generally, it costs more for a cot bed with under-bed drawers. For these types of cot bed with storage, you’d normally pay upwards of £200.

Teething rails – Babies often end up gnawing down on the top edges of their cot when they start teething. This Aldi cot bed comes with two silicone teething rails to help protect your baby’s gums.

Durability – This Aldi cot bed is made of MDF, which is the standard material for most inexpensive cot beds and furniture. You’ll need to pay upwards of around £200 if you want to have one that’s made of solid wood.

As Aldi sells its bigger Special Buys boxed and rarely on display, chances are you get a chance to feel or touch the cot bed, or see how it looks when it’s constructed before parting with your cash. Durability is an important element of our cot bed testing. We pound each cot bed with a 10kg weight 1,000 times in the middle and at the end of the bed to test how strong the base slats are. If the slats survive, we also pound them 1,500 times with a 20kg weight to simulate being jumped on by a bigger child. But it is worth noting that Aldi offers a free three-year warranty with this cot bed.

To find a safe and sturdy cot bed that will stand the test of time, visit our cot bed reviews.

Aldi Cot Bed Mattress – £29.99

Type – The Aldi Cot Bed Mattress is a simple sprung mattress wrapped in a layer of foam and fabric. This type of mattress is generally cheaper than pocket-spring mattresses, which are believed to be more comfortable and give a higher level of support. This is because each coiled spring can move independently of the others and adapt to your child’s body.

If you can’t get to an Aldi store and are looking for an alternative cheap cot mattress, read our review of the Ikea Krummelur cot bed mattress (£45).

Our cot mattress tests have discovered the spring and foam cot mattresses that match or even outdo pricier pocket-spring mattresses when it comes to supporting your baby’s body.

Cover – A removable and washable cover is a practical feature, and it’s usually something seen on pricier cot bed mattresses. Accidents will happen, and being able to whip off the cover and pop it in the wash at 60°C will ensure a more hygienic sleeping environment for your baby.

This Aldi cot bed mattress has a washable cover, but we don’t yet know how easy it is to wash, whether it’s fiddly to remove or if the fabric will bobble or shrink over time.

Water resistance – It’s vital that a cot bed mattress says clean and dry, because if the core gets wet then it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Many cot bed mattresses have water repellent/water resistant claims, but for some this simply means there’s a waterproof panel covering part of the mattress, while others have a full waterproof layer to stop liquids from soaking through to the core. The water repelling coverage and effectiveness is something we measure in our laboratory.

The cover of this Aldi cot bed mattress contains polypropyelene, which is a type of thin plastic that will provide some water resistance, but we can’t be sure how much protection it will provide.

Cot mattress buying tip

When buying a mattress for your little one, it’s crucial you choose one that’s flat and firm. This will help prevent your baby from being smothered if they roll over onto their face while sleeping.

When shopping for a cot mattress, always check the firmness by pressing your hand firmly into the centre and edges. There should be some resistance, and the mattress should bounce back immediately. Compare those we’ve rated as best for support in our cot bed mattress reviews.

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