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Nurofen launches digital thermometer

'Smart' thermometer connects to an app to keep track of your child's illness. But it will set you back £85

Nurofen has branched out from medicines designed to help with pain, with the launch of its first ever digital thermometer.

FeverSmart records temperature over time via an app without the need to wake your child. You attach a small luminous orange monitor under your child’s armpit and his or her temperature is transmitted to your smartphone or tablet. Nurofen says a temperature recording is taken once a minute.

Apart from not having to wake or disturb your sick child to take a temperature reading, this thermometer also boasts the ability to provide a detailed temperature history via the FeverSmart app. This could prove useful when feeding back to a doctor or the hospital.

It costs £85 though, which is rather pricey compared with no-contact thermometers, which can be picked up for around £25. And the small print in the instructions booklet says it will only last for three years.

We got our hands on an early sample. Check out our first look Nurofen digital thermometer review for our first impressions. Or read on to see how it compares to the popular Braun No Touch and Forehead thermometer NTF3000 (£43).

Nurofen FeverSmart vs Braun No Touch and Forehead thermometer

Nurofen’s SmartFever Braun No Touch and Forehead Thermometer NTFT3000
Cost £85 £53
How you take a reading SmartFever takes a temperature reading from your child’s armpit. The monitor attaches under your child’s arm for up to 24 hours using adhesive patches, so there’s no need to wake them. The readings are then available via the FeverSmart app. The No Touch and Forehead Thermometer NTF3000 is a digital infrared no contact thermometer. This means you hold the thermometer up to 5cm away from the forehead or touch it to the forehead to take a reading.
Battery life It comes with a base station to boost the Bluetooth signal which needs three AAA batteries. These are included in the box. The monitor has an inbuilt battery that is charged on the base station. The shelf life of the product is limited to three years. We suspect this is because of the battery but Nurofen hasn’t yet confirmed this with us. It needs two AA batteries which are included in the box.
Memory The thermometer lets you continuously track your child’s temperature and view temperature history via the SmartFever app. There is no memory function.

What is a safe temperature range for a baby or child?

The normal temperature range for children is 35.8°C to 37.5°C, with it usually falling around 36.4°C. There’s quite a bit of variation though so it’s best to take your child’s temperature on a few occasions when they’re well to work out what’s normal for them.

If your baby is under three months and has a temperature of more than 38°C, this is considered a fever and you are recommended to take them to a doctor. This increases to 39°C for three to six-month-olds and 40°C for children over six months.

For more advice on what causes a high temperature and what you should do if your child has a temperature, take a look at our guide on taking your child’s temperature: what’s safe and what’s not

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