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Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender vs Nutribullet Baby Food Processor

One's £29.99, the other more than double the price. Find out how they compare

Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender vs Nutribullet Baby Food Processor

Aldi is selling a baby food blender as one of this week’s ‘Specialbuys’. At first glance it looks incredibly similar to the Nutribullet Baby Bullet. It’s less than half the price, but how does it compare? We got our hands on both to try them out – read on for our first look reviews.

The Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender went on sale in Aldi stores yesterday, priced at £29.99. It claims to help you achieve ‘purée perfection’. The Nutribullet Baby Food processor costs £67.99 from John Lewis – more than double the price of the Aldi baby blender.

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They look very similar

Looks-wise, the Aldi Ambiano is almost the twin of the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor, with its green and cream colours. And there are some other similarities. Both have the standard twist-and-lock mechanism to attach to the power base, and both have a lip to make it easier to pour and serve liquid purées. Both take up the same amount of space on your worktop.

But they’re not…

There are, however, many differences between the two. The Aldi baby blender lid attaches via suction (which is more of a struggle to take off), whereas the Nutribullet Baby Blender has a twist-and-lock system that’s easier to use. The Nutribullet lid has a hole the size of a bath plug that you can use to add extra ingredients without removing the lid. A similar hole in the Aldi baby blender’s lid is just a few centimetres wide.

Here’s what else you get for your money with both:

Aldi Ambiano Baby Blender vs Nutribullet food processor

What you get in the box

Blending pots

The Aldi Ambiano Baby Blender comes with two blending containers. Aldi calls the the larger one the ‘mixing container’, and it’s used for standard blending. The smaller one is the milling container, used for crushing grains to make first-stage breakfast cereal for your weaning baby.

Like the Aldi baby blender, the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor comes with a main cup for blending. It’s slightly bigger than Aldi Ambiano’s main cup. You get two smaller blending cups with the Nutribullet, whereas you get only one with the Aldi baby blender. But both are slightly smaller than the little blending container with the Aldi Ambiano.

Storage pots

There are six smaller storage pots with lids that come with the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor. Ditto with the Aldi Blender. Whereas the Aldi ones are plain, the Nutribullet ones come with a handy date dial, so you can set the date you made the purée for your baby to make sure you’re not keeping some foods for too long. They also have smiley faces on them, which might encourage your child to eat their puréed greens.

The Nutribullet’s smaller storage pots also come with a handy tray that all six slot into to stand together in the fridge or freezer. You don’t get this with the Aldi blender. The small storage pots with the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor are slightly smaller than those you get with the Aldi Ambiano Baby Blender.

Freezer trays

Both baby food blenders come with soft silicone storage for handy freezing of individual portions. Both of them come with storage for 12 portion sizes, and both include lids for all the storage.

The Aldi ones come as four single-portion silicone storage units joined together, and you get three of them. The Nutribullet’s are split into two six-portion units. The Aldi ones have a slightly bigger capacity.

You can see the Aldi ones below right and the Nutribullet ones left.

Anything else?

Both include a handy spatula so you can scrape out every last nutritious squish of purée. The Aldi spatula is bigger, which makes it a bit harder to get into corners around the blade.

With the Nutribullet, you get a comprehensive instruction manual/mini book all about weaning. Included in its pages you’ll find the signs that your baby is ready for weaning (although you probably wouldn’t have already bought a baby food blender if you didn’t think that) and details of the other equipment you’ll need to make weaning easy.

The book gives a month-by-month breakdown of helpful weaning info. There are handy charts to show you what each fruit or vegetable will give your baby in terms of portion size. There are also different recipes for each month, including some interesting ones when you start getting to the later stages of weaning: scrambled eggs with hidden puréed cauliflower, anyone?

The Nutribullet also includes what it calls a ‘pocket nutritionist’. This small booklet is supposed to be for you to take along to the supermarket when you go shopping, and it includes information on the nutritional content of various fruit and vegetables and how to spot when something is underripe, ripe or overripe. It also includes a portable feeding schedule.

The Aldi blender comes with a slimmer manual that includes usage instructions and one recipe for crushed carrot.

How useful you’ll find the extra info in the booklet depends on how you like to research your baby’s weaning journey.

BPA free?

Nutribullet emphasises that its Baby Food Processor it is completely free of BPA.

There is no mention of ‘BPA free’ anywhere on the Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender. We approached Aldi, and a spokesperson told us: ‘Usually BPA is found in polycarbonate, a material that we do not use for our product, therefore it can be considered BPA free.’


Neither are recommended for washing in a dishwasher, so you’ll need to clean both by hand. The Aldi baby blender has six blades, which each have a slightly serrated edge. The Nutribullet baby blender has four blades, just like the grown-up Nutribullet. The serrated blades of the Aldi model made it slightly harder to clean, as you needed to watch those extra-sharp edges.


The Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender comes with a three-year warranty. The Nutribullet only comes with a one-year warranty unless you want to upgrade.

Which is the best blender?

We veered away from the foods we use for our usual blender testing to do our first look reviews of the Aldi Ambiano and the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor. Instead, we chose foods that parents would use for feeding a growing baby. Here’s what we tried out:

  • Vegetable – We put both blenders to the test making a carrot and broccoli purée from steamed vegetables cut into chunks with a little added water. The broccoli included stalk chunks.
  • Fruit – We then set them a slightly harder task, comparing how both fared making a strawberry and blueberry purée from frozen fruit with a little water. We also added a chunk of half a banana part-way through.
  • Meat – We then tried out a cooked chicken breast (shredded into small pieces)  and steamed sweet potato purée plus a little water.

Here’s how each of the blenders fared:

Vegetable test

Both blenders managed to get to a purée in a decent time, but both needed us to employ what Nutribullet calls the ‘shake technique’, that is shaking the blender up and down until all the chunks catch on the blade. The Nutribullet got the vegetables to a purée twice as fast as the Aldi Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Blender.

Fruit test

The Aldi baby blender managed most of the frozen blueberries but struggled with the frozen strawberries (the size of a thumbnail, put in whole). Ditto the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor. When we added half a banana as a chunk on the top, the Nutribullet managed to get it to all to a purée (including the strawberries) after 20 seconds. The Aldi didn’t until we cut up the banana into smaller pieces.

Meat test

Both struggled a bit, even when we employed the shake technique. We then added the same amount of extra cold water to each. The Nutribullet produced a smooth purée almost instantly, whereas the Aldi almost got there but still struggled, with some bits of chicken left behind.

Which? baby blenders first look verdict

If you’ve got the money, the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor has the edge when it comes to blending. And were weren’t so keen on the sharper edges on the Aldi baby blender’s blades, or the lid held in place with suction. But why go for a separate baby food blender when you can get a Best Buy blender for just £30 that comes with a grown-up sized jug and then simply use ice-cube trays to freeze your portions (the old-fashioned way).

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