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Morphy Richards vs Tefal: which soup maker is better?

We’ve pitted the Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker against Tefal’s My Daily Soup – but which pipped the other to the post to become the new best on test?

They may not have the flashy extras of more expensive models, such as sauté or keep-warm settings, but the Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker and the Tefal My Daily Soup, at £40 and £50 apiece, are tempting and affordable options if you’re looking to make quick and easy warming winter food.

The Morphy Richards can make between 0.8 litres and 1 litre of smooth soup in 19 minutes – so it’s both the smallest and quickest soup maker we’ve ever tested. That’s enough for about two larger lunch-sized bowlfuls, or three smaller starter-sized portions.

The Tefal My Daily Soup can make between 1 litre and 1.2 litres of soup in a slightly slower 23 minutes, and has a handy auto-clean program for a speedy clear-up.

Both models are smaller than your average soup maker, which can usually make between 1.2 and 1.8 litres of soup in one go. But if you’re short on kitchen space they are worth considering, so which is better?

Read on to find out more about what each model offers, or head straight to our list of the best soup makers to discover which one is our new top-scoring Best Buy.

Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker features

The Morphy Richards 501013 soup maker (left) and the Morphy Richards Compact soup maker (right)

Measuring just 22x22x15cm, this Morphy Richards model is about the size of a kettle. It’s noticeably smaller than the average soup maker, most of which are around 30x30x20cm.

The jug of the Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker weighs just 0.6kg, too. This is significantly lighter than some rivals, which can weigh up to 1.5kg. This means it will be much easier to lift the jug when it is full of soup, and to stash it in the cupboard when you’re finished.

The space-saving attention to detail on this soup maker also extends to the lid handle, which can fold down – so it will take up even less space in your kitchen cupboards.

But with the cutbacks on size, some features you might find on bigger and more expensive models get the chop, too. There is no sauté function, for example, so you can’t brown onions, garlic and other vegetables in the jug before cooking to get a richer flavour.

Can this compact soup maker still make tasty meals? Read the full Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker review to find out.

Soup maker buying guide – discover the features worth having

How the Tefal My Daily Soup compares

The Tefal My Daily Soup is a little larger than the Morphy Richards, but is still smaller than most soup makers.

It has an auto-clean function to make washing up easier. You put warm water into the jug with a drop of washing-up liquid, and it blends up the soapy water, helping to loosen baked-on grime.

In our tests we found that the sturdy handle on this model made it easier to lift off the lid than on the Morphy Richards Compact. It’s quieter than most other soup makers we’ve tested, too, which could be handy if you have an open-plan living space and don’t want your soup-making to disrupt your evenings.

Can it make brilliant soup? Read the full Tefal My Daily Soup review to get our verdict.

Finding the best cheap soup maker

These models may be compact, but they aren’t necessarily the cheapest around. If you’d like a bit more capacity, you can pick up the older, full-sized Morphy Richards Soup Maker 501013 for just £36 at the moment in Currys PC World.*

Top-end soup makers, such as the Morphy Richards Total Control, offer more versatility, but you’ll need to pay £80+ for the privilege. If you’re looking for premium features but don’t want to spend a lot, the Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup could be a tempting prospect. It’s currently just £51 on Amazon, and has an extra compote program for turning fruits into quick and easy jams, an easy-cleaning program and a keep-warm setting.

Compare soup makers from Morphy Richards, Tefal, Salter and more, and find the best-value option for you, by checking our soup maker reviews.

*Prices correct as of 29 September 2018.

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