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Is it worth splashing out on a new Bosch dishwasher?

With a raft of new and tech-filled Bosch dishwashers now available, we give you our take on the new machines, plus our pick of cheaper alternatives

Is it worth splashing out on a new Bosch dishwasher?

New Bosch dishwashers are filled to bursting with the latest tech. They start from around £400 for an entry-level dishwasher. A top-of-the-range Bosch dishwasher can cost more than £800.

That’s less than you’ll pay for a Miele dishwasher, but more than you’d pay for a Beko.

We’ve recently tested a batch of budget dishwashers and found our cheapest Best Buy for less than £250. So is it worth splashing out nearly double to go for a Bosch?

Read on to find out more about what you get for your money if you buy a Bosch dishwasher, and how they score in our reviews. And see where you can save but still get premium-quality cleaning and drying.

Or go straight to our best dishwashers recommendations for our top picks across all brands.

Are Bosch dishwashers Best Buys?

Generally, the full-sized Bosch dishwashers we’ve put through our tests recently have fared pretty well, whatever their price point. But there have been some standout models and others that haven’t done brilliantly when we’ve put them through their cleaning, rinsing and drying paces.

Slimline dishwashers don’t score as well as full-sized models – whatever brand they’re from – and Bosch is no exception. It’s because slimline dishwashers are a tighter fit, as you’re squeezing the same amount of plates into a smaller space, which makes them more difficult to load and unload.

Of the 33 Bosch dishwasher currently available that we’ve reviewed, 10 of them are Best Buys. Some of these are slimline models, and one costs less than £500.

But we’ve also found a Bosch dishwasher that was so bad we labelled it a Don’t Buy. To compare the good with the bad, visit our Bosch dishwasher reviews.

Which Bosch is best for you?

Bosch splits its range into Series – 2, 4, 6 and 8 – each being more tech-filled, and pricier, than the last.

We’ve picked out one model from each series to compare.

Bosch SMS25EI00G

This Series 2 dishwasher is at the entry level of Bosch’s range. It’s currently £379 for the black or white versions. If you want a stainless steel finish, as pictured above, you’ll have to pay £171 more for it, though – it’s £550 for this version.

It has 13 place settings, which is pretty average for a full-sized dishwasher, and five programs to choose from: eco, intensive, glass, quick and a pre-rinse option.

All these features come as standard on all but the most basic models, and we’ll be honest, there are many dishwashers on sale that will give you all this for less.

But there are some very good reasons why this Bosch dishwasher might be a good buy for you.

Read our full Bosch SMS25EI00G review to find out why.

Bosch SMS46MW00G

The SMS46MW00G is currently available for £469 and it’s from the Series 4 range of Bosch dishwashers.

It has 14 place settings – one more than the Series 2 model. This makes it a better choice for a family than the more basic model, as the extra place setting will mean you can fit more in.

There’s also an auto program that the Series 2 model doesn’t have. But for this price you can get a wider choice of programs, and even smart features, if you go for a dishwasher from Hoover or Kenwood.

Read our full Bosch SMS46MW00G review to find out whether it’s worth paying the extra.

Bosch SMS67MW01G

For £65 more, the Series 6 Bosch SMS67MW01G has a few extra features and programs, offering you more flexibility when using your dishwasher.

Bosch claims that the SMS67MW01G is the quietest-ever dishwasher. It runs at just 38dB, which is quieter than the hum of your fridge. It even has a silent program, which Bosch claims will reduce the noise even further.

In our testing we don’t measure decibels, but we do get an expert panel to assess each stage of the program, and listen out for irritating noises that would get on your nerves if you have an open-plan kitchen.

But we’ve found quiet dishwashers from Hotpoint and Blomberg that cost less than £400 – showing that you don’t need to pay over the odds for this.

Read our full Bosch SMS67MW01G review to find out whether the quiet wash from this Bosch is worth you splashing out more than £500.

Bosch SMS88TW06G

This Series 8 dishwasher is at the very top of the Bosch’s range, and features all its best tech. But, at almost £1,000, it is in competition with premium dishwashers from AEG and Miele.

It has all features we’ve mentioned above, but also works with the Home Connect app. Via your smartphone or tablet, you can see the recommended program for your load, start the appliance remotely and even check the status of the wash.

But all of Hoover’s new dishwashers now work with the Hoover Wizard app on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control when you start a cycle (even when you’re not at home) and monitor how long is left. And they cost a lot less.

Read our review of the Bosch SMS88TW06G to see whether it justifies its higher price.

Budget dishwashers: can you get a Best Buy for less?

The Sharp QW-HX13F472S is a basic stainless steel dishwasher that has four programs. This won’t give you the choice that premium dishwashers offer, but it does have some useful features, such a quick 30-minute wash, a child lock, delay timer, and half-load function.

The Kenwood KID60S18 has only 12 place settings, meaning you can’t fit as many plates in it. But it has an impressive selection of programs, including an ‘extra hygiene’ program for super-dirty dishes.

Less than £200 for a dishwasher is cheap, but less than £200 for a slimline integrated dishwasher is unheard of, until now. The Bush DW9SLINTW is slimmer than a full-size dishwasher, ideal for homes that are short of kitchen space, or for families that don’t need to wash loads of dishes at once.

Latest cheap dishwasher reviews

Beko DFN05R11W, £219
Bush DW12LSINT, £190
Bush DW9SLINTW, £190
Hoover HDP 1D39W-80, £230
Hoover HDP 2T62FW-80, £389
Kenwood KID60S18, £230
Sharp QW-GD54R443X-EN, £399
Sharp QW-HX13F472S-EN, £310

Prices correct as of 27 October 2018.

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