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Top five cheapest energy deals for July 2019

How much are energy-guzzling summer gadgets adding to your bills?

Sizzling summer temperatures see us switching on fans, or even buying air conditioners or air purifiers to make our homes more comfortable. By the end of the summer, these could add around £155 to your energy bill.

Switching to the cheapest energy deal could save you £381 a year on gas and electricity compared with deals at the level of the price cap, helping you offset this.

Is good service important to you? We’ve got you covered. Deals still saving you up to £310 per year, compared with the level of the price cap, are available from top-rated suppliers.

Our July analysis of more than 300 gas and electricity deals reveals the five cheapest overall energy tariffs and those from companies with both good service and competitive prices. Keep reading to find out more, including how much your summer gadgets really cost you.

Find the best deal for you right now. Compare gas and electricity prices using our independent comparison service, Which? Switch.

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Cheapest gas and electricity deals

Below we’ve listed the five cheapest gas and electricity deals for this month, based on the price for a year for a household using a medium amount of energy. We’ve listed the annual price plus how much you could save compared with the current price cap.

This price cap is currently set at £1,254 on average per year for homes using a medium amount of energy on standard or default tariffs. Many of the biggest firms are charging this amount, although it’s likely the cap will reduce later this year thanks to lower wholesale prices.

Your exact spend depends on how much gas and electricity you use.

Top five cheapest energy deals for July 2019

More about July’s cheapest energy deals

The two cheapest deals are from Outfox the Market and could save you £381 per year compared with the price cap. The cheapest is variable, so it has no exit fees. But the price can change if the company decides to raise or lower its prices.

Outfox the Market’s other tariff, and Eversmart Energy’s tariff, have exit fees of £30 per fuel if you want to switch before the tariff ends.

Find out whether the cheapest deals also have good customer service. Or see how much your summer gadgets are costing you.

Woman cooling her face with a fan

Energy-guzzling summer gadgets

With your central heating turned off for the summer, you typically use a fraction of the amount of gas and see your energy bills drop.

But in an attempt to keep cool, will you see your bills rise?

Fans, air conditioners and air purifiers are all powered by electricity, which is pricier than gas. And their moving parts can mean that they use more electricity than you think.

We’ve calculated the potential running costs for these three appliances, based on using them for 12 hours a day for three months over the summer (presuming we’re lucky enough to get three months of heat). If you have more than one fan, the costs will add up.

How much do your summer gadgets cost to run?

As with your heating, use them efficiently to get maximum benefit without inflating your electricity bill. Choose models with lower running costs or higher energy efficiency ratings.

Read our expert tips:

Cheap energy deals from companies with happy customers

Price is the most important thing when choosing an energy deal, according to customers we’ve spoken to. But also consider service in your quest for savings.

Helpful staff, good online tools, an effective complaints-handling process and clear bills are provided by the best-rated companies in our customer survey. Those rated lowest lack them.

Only one of the five cheapest tariffs is from a firm included in our latest energy companies survey. Avro Energy came 19th out of 30 firms included. We didn’t receive enough responses from customers of the other firms to give them a score.

So here we’ve listed the cheapest deals from companies that scored very well in our latest energy company satisfaction survey.

In total there were 12 tariffs from high-scoring companies that cost less than £1,000 per year for a medium user. They were all from the same four companies though, so we’ve just listed the cheapest from each firm.

Cheap energy deals from companies with happy customers

While these tariffs will save you around £70 less per year than the top five cheapest deals overall, you can be confident they provide good customer service.

We’ve only listed one tariff from each firm but, in total, Bristol had two tariffs costing less than £1,000 per year and Octopus had eight.

Find out more about:

Found a cheap deal from a supplier not listed here? Check the full 2019 energy company satisfaction survey results, based on feedback from their customers.

Which? energy pricing research

Prices are based on a dual-fuel tariff available in all regions in England, Scotland and Wales paying by monthly direct debit, with paperless bills.

Energy use is based on Ofgem’s annual average figures for a medium user (12,000kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity per year).

Data is from Energylinx. Price given are averages across regions, rounded to the nearest whole pound and correct on 1 July 2019.

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