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The best tumble dryer we’ve tested in 2019

It dries clothes to perfection, has very low running costs and won’t steam up your windows. Discover what else impressed us about this top-notch tumble dryer

The best tumble dryer we have tested so far this year has a price to match its high test scores – a whopping £1,249. It may be one of the most expensive models around but, if you can afford it, it’s pretty much unbeatable when it comes to drying your clothes.

Price tag too hefty for you? Some of the best tumble dryers we’ve reviewed start from just £160.

Dazzling dryer

This tumble dryer dries your clothes to perfection, leaving them ready to be put away in the cupboard as soon as the program finishes. It also dries evenly, regardless of the fabrics in the load or if you’ve got trickier items like jeans in there. You won’t find odd wet clothes left over once this dryer is done with them.

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Super-cheap to run

Like many heat-pump tumble dryers, this model impresses with its low running costs. But at approximately £35 a year to run, it’s one of the cheapest tumble dryers to run we’ve ever tested.

Keen to slash your energy bills? Check out our reviews of the dryers that were efficient enough to earn our Energy Saver logo.

No steamy windows

The condensation unit in this dryer is astounding. A common annoyance for tumble dryer owners is finding the drying room hot and humid after use, making damp and mould all the more likely. But you’ll find no drops on the windows with this dryer.

There’s no need to vent the hot air outside either, meaning it can be placed almost anywhere in your home.

Exceptional condensation units aren’t always something you have to pay top dollar for in a tumble dryer. One bargain model that really impressed us with how little it leaked humid air was the Beko DTGC8000W (£229). But we did find a few cons that might not mean it’s the best dryer for you.

It’s packed with features

If you like your appliances to have all the bells and whistles, look no further. This tumble dryer is packed full of nifty features, including a coded child lock, a filter in front of the heat exchanger which reduces the need for cleaning, and a plug-in capsule that can make your freshly dried clothes smell extra fragrant.

However, despite all of its fancy features, this dryer is surprisingly not smartphone compatible. If this is a make-or-break feature for you, check out our review of the Hoover HL V10LG-80.

Large loads and low noise levels

The best tumble dryer of the year so far is a perfect fit for those with lots of clothes to dry. It has an impressive 9kg-capacity drum, so if you’re piling in laundry for the whole family this model should cope just fine.

Big doesn’t mean loud, though. Although no tumble dryer is completely silent, this one really does keep noise to a minimum, giving you the freedom to set it up in whichever part of the house you prefer.

Another model that really impressed us with the size of its drum and the quietness of its operation was the Bosch WTWH7561GB.

Anything to criticise?

Lengthy running times

Despite how well it dries clothes and its low running costs, one thing this dryer does compromise on is running time. It’s by no means the slowest dryer we’ve tested, but it is roughly half the speed of the quickest condenser dryers.

It will take 24 minutes per kilo to dry a cotton load, so if you fill this dryer to its 9kg capacity, it takes just over three-and-a-half hours to complete the program.

Very pricey

You can’t ignore the huge price of this tumble dryer. It may be the best one we have tested this year, but at £1,249, it’s also the most expensive.

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