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7 Dec 2019

10 recommended Christmas desserts 2019

Our pick of the top festive desserts on sale from supermarkets if you want something instead of or as well as a Christmas pudding

What can you offer guests for Christmas dessert as an alternative to, or as well as Christmas pudding?

Our food editors ate their way through more than 70 festive desserts from Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, Sainsbury's, Tesco and more.

Here are their favourite 10 (in no particular order).

1. Iceland No Moo Chocolate Snowflake (£2.99, pack of 2, vegan)

This vegan Christmas dessert has a thick, dark chocolate shell with a delicious chocolate and salted caramel centre.

It tasted like an ambient choc ice with a biscuit base.

Serve really cold to ensure maximum crunch.

Availability: In store and online 18 November 2019.

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2. M&S Plant Kitchen Chocolate & Cherry Dessert (£10, serves 6, vegan)

If you're after a grown-up yuletide pud, this decadent dessert with the very best elements of black cherry gateaux (and just enough sweetness) might be the one for you.

The dark chocolate ganache was nice and rich, and the morello cherry compote set it off nicely.

It's sure to be a hit and it's even suitable for vegans.

Availability: Pre-order online to collect from 22 December 2019, also in store from 18 December.

3. Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate & Raspberry Snow Dome (£12, serves 12)

Bring this to the dining table on Christmas Day and guests of all ages will be wowed by its futuristic appearance.

The sweet raspberry compote middle contrasted well with the white mousse shell, which kept its unusual and striking shape really well as we cut into it.

Availability: In store 20 December 2019.

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4. Morrisons The Best Salted Caramel & Pecan Pavlova Wreath (£6, serves 8, vegetarian)

This wreath had a fabulous combination of textures, including a lovely crunch from both the pecans and toffee, and meringue that was nice and crisp.

Just the right amount of cream and a delicate sweet-to-salt balance had our experts wanting more.

Beautifully executed, so one to look out for.

Availability: Online now.

5. Waitrose & Partners Heston's Fig & Port Cheese Cake (£12, serves 8, vegetarian)

Is it a cake? Is it cheese? This traditional Christmas dessert with a twist, which comes on a buttery lemon shortbread 'cheese board' base surprised our editors.

It delivered a delicious smack of cream in the cheesecake to contrast with the sweet fig and pear compote middle.

A luxury grown-up dish that's sure to be a talking point for your guests.

Availability: In store and online from 13 December 2019.

6. Tesco Finest Vegan Chocolate Ganache & Coconut Bites (£4, serves 8, vegan)

The dark chocolate taste combined with a crisp coconut base made these attractive vegan, bite-sized treats totally moreish.

They had a fantastic silken texture and were really satisfying - 'blooming lovely', according to our food editors.

Perfect if you're a dessert devotee looking for a non-dairy chocolate treat.

Availability: In store and online from 11 December 2019.

7. Co-op Irresistible Hand Finished Spiced Salted Caramel Roulade (£4, serves 6, vegetarian)

This alternative Christmas dessert made from good-quality meringue and excellent salted caramel had a lovely nutty taste that wasn't overly sweet or spiced.

A great option for both adults and children alike, and a little goes a long way, too. A definite winner.

Availability: In store now.

8. Lidl Deluxe Espresso Martini Roulade (£4.99, serves 8, vegetarian)

If you're a fan of espresso martini cocktails, this could be the showy, sparkly festive sweet for you.

With a generous hit of booze and espresso, this is a truly decadent option for grown-ups and everything an alternative Christmas dessert should be.

Availability: In store now.

9. Co-op Clementhyme Profiteroles (£5, serves 4, vegetarian)

This novelty take on classic profiteroles had a pleasing orange filling.

The white chocolate green 'leaf' gave a sweet hit that delighted one of our food editors and they thought it was asurprisingly different and pleasantly refreshing sweet dessert.

Availability: In store from 11 December 2019.

10. Aldi Specially Selected Pavlova Stack in Raspberry & White Chocolate (£4.99, serves 8)

This meringue had a generous raspberry and cream filling, and wasn't too heavy on the white chocolate.

It was well-balanced and not overly sweet.

Our editors thought it was among the best pavlovas they've sampled.

Availability: In store now.