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12 Mar 2020

Aldi launches low cost wine cooler for £60

This freestanding home for your wine is about as cheap as you'll find, but what can you expect for that price?
Aldi wine cooler

The budget-friendly Aldi wine cooler is available in stores and online now, for as long as stocks last.

Its part of the supermarket's Home Refresh launch which went out in Aldi stores today, Thursday 12 March 2020.

As with all Aldi launches, the products aren't going to stick around for long.

This freestanding wine cooler is one of the cheapest you'll find, but how does it compare with other wine coolers in terms of features?

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What is the Aldi freestanding wine cooler?

We've tested some low cost wine coolers recently, but at £59.99 this one from Aldi is the cheapest we've seen. The specs on the Aldi wine cooler include:

  • Capacity for eight bottles: Given the price, it's no surprise you'll have to be selective about which bottles from your case of mixed wines you choose to store inside.
  • Single temperature zone: This means all the bottles inside will have to be stored at the same temperature, so you won't be able to have your white wines cool and your reds a little warmer. Most wine coolers on the market are single temperature zone, but there are plenty of dual-zone models available too. In fact, Aldi had a dual zone wine cooler on sale just before Christmas, 2019.
  • 8-18°C temperature range: This is a fairly standard temperature range that will allow you to comfortably keep either red or white wines at the recommended storage temperature of 12-13°C. Alternatively you'll be able to adjust the temperature to get your bottles up or down to the recommended serving temperature, depending on the type of wine.
  • A mirrored glass door: UV light can have a damaging effect on wine, so wine coolers will often have protective glass on the door to limit this. Aldi has stopped short of using terms like 'UV protective' or 'anti-UV' so it's not quite clear how effective the glass they've used is. But mirrored glass is certainly much better than the completely clear glass we've seen used on other wine coolers. This is a nice addition for such a cheap model.
  • A+ energy label: We recently tested 12 wine coolers from leading brands such as Haier, Liebherr and Stoves and only one of the wine coolers we tested had an A+ energy label. That said, the energy label doesn't always tell the full story when it comes to true energy efficiency. But we have found that similar sized models to this Aldi one don't cost much to run.

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What other cheap wine coolers are available?

The nearest you'll get to the Aldi wine cooler in terms of price is the Currys Essentials CWC8B15 (£79.99, pictured below). In fact, when you look at the specs on each, they're almost identical.

Picture of the Currys Essentials CWC8B15 wine cool

They have very similar dimensions, the same bottle capacity, they each have one temperature zone and have the same temperature range too.

If you opt for the Aldi wine cooler over the Currys Essentials model you'd have enough left over to buy a couple of our Which? recommended best red wines or white wines.