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9 Jul 2018

Aptamil baby milk: parents demand recall

Aptamil is investigating complaints that a new formulation of its powdered baby milk may be making babies unwell

A new formulation of Aptamil powdered baby milk formula might be making babies sick, according to parents on social media, with some calling for the powdered milk to be recalled.

Aptamil has recently reformulated four products in its powdered baby milk range, but the new formulations don't seem to have gone down well with new parents or their babies.

There have been numerous reports of unwell babies on social media, and many parents are worried about the effects of their babies being sick in the current heatwave. Aptamil says it is investigating the complaints.Aptamil First Infant milk liquid (stage 1) is not affected.

The reformulated powdered milks that are affected are:

  • Aptamil First Infant Milk powder (stage 1)
  • Aptamil Follow On Milk powder (stage 2)
  • Aptamil Growing Up Milk powders (stages 3 & 4)

Aptamil has also been criticised by parents for reportedly shrinking the package size from 900g down to 800g, despite the cost remaining the same.

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What do I do if I have Aptamil formula?

If you think one of the reformulated powdered baby milks has made your baby unwell, you should call the Aptamil careline for a one-to-one discussion.

The careline is free of charge and is available 24 hours a day. Call 0800 996 1000 and then press option 0 followed by option 1.

How to make formula milk

Aptamil also took to Facebook to advise parents on how to make up the new formula correctly, after admitting that the 'new products are more sensitive to temperature than in the past'.

It stated that the on-pack instructions should be followed closely, and said:

'We recognise this may not be the same as how you previously made up our formula milks. In line with NHS guidelines, we recommend boiling 1 litre of water and leaving it to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes and no longer*. During testing, we found that if the water is not left to cool for long enoug,h and the milk is made at a significantly higher temperature than the recommended 70°C, lumps may form.. In addition to this, it is important to shake the formula milk vigorously and vertically for at least 10 seconds.'

Aptamil also said that it is aware some parents are still experiencing problems despite following the instructions.

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Aptamil's response

A statement by Aptamil, on its website, says:

'We always want to give parents the best products we can and through our research into early life science, we have developed these latest formulas. Our products have undergone rigorous tests and clinical trials to ensure that babies take well to the new formula and that they are safe.

'However, over the past few days we have been listening to feedback from parents and we are aware that some parents are experiencing problems, particularly with mixing up the formula. We have changed our mixing instructions slightly and, with hindsight, we could have been clearer about this. But nevertheless, we understand that despite following the instructions, some parents are still experiencing mixing problems.

'We are very sorry to hear about this and want to reassure parents that this is something we are taking very seriously and that we will investigate every complaint thoroughly.'

Aptamil baby formula products not affected

The following Aptamil products remain unchanged:

  • Aptamil First Infant milk liquid (stage 1)
  • Aptamil Follow On Milk liquid (stage 2)
  • Aptamil Growing Up milk liquids (stage 3 and stage 4)
  • Aptamil Hungry Infant Milk powder
  • Aptamil Anti-Reflux powder*
  • Aptamil Comfort powder
  • Aptamil Profutura
  • Aptamil Lactose Free
  • Aptamil Pepti 1 & 2

* Aptamil advises that a kettle should be cooled for 45 minutes and no longer when making Aptamil Anti-Reflux powder formula.