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26 Mar 2021

Asda Mobile switches to the Vodafone network: what does it mean for you?

Existing customers have six months to request a new Sim, or switch

Asda Mobile has become the latest provider to change from using EE's mobile network to Vodafone's.

Existing customers will be moved over by mid-September and at this time all old Sim cards will be deactivated. This means existing customers will need to change their Sim to keep using their phone, although they will be able to keep their number when the new Sim arrives.

Asda says that the switch to Vodafone means it can introduce new services to its mobile network, including 5G, an online account to buy bundles and top-up, plus unlimited data bundles (although like Vodafone's bundles, it is subject to speed caps).

If you're an Asda Mobile customer, find out what to do next and what your options are if you're not happy with the move.

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Why did Asda Mobile move its mobile network?

Asda Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) - an operator that doesn't have any mobile phone masts and, instead, piggybacks off the signal provided by one of the four providers that do (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone).

5G is also seen as a big area for many mobile networks, including Asda Mobile, and with this new agreement, it's able to offer 5G services even before 4G customers have been switched over to Vodafone.

Read more on the 5G plans of all mobile networks and the benefits of the new standard in our guide to 5G.

How will Asda Mobile moving to Vodafone affect me?

As part of Asda Mobile's switch, existing customers will need to request a new Sim and until they do, they will be subject to the old network prices and charges.

For example, if you were to travel to some non-EU countries on the old network and use data, you would be expected to pay £7.50 per MB. On the new network, the cost had reduced to £1.

You can request a new Sim either by going online to your Asda Mobile account, ordering over the phone by calling 0808 006 2732 or by picking up a Sim for 50p in Asda supermarkets where available. When you activate the Sim, you will have the 50p refunded back to you as credit.

It's important to note that if you are in the middle of your monthly bundle, you should wait until the last day before your bundle will expire to switch Sims. That's because you'll lose any remaining days on the bundle if you move any sooner.

However, Asda Mobile has said that it will promise to give all current customers a free month's bundle once they move across, which should ease this issue.

Will this affect my mobile reception?

While EE and its MVNO customers, such as Asda Mobile, enjoy the most widespread 4G coverage in the UK, apprehensions have turned to whether Vodafone's services will be able to support as many customers as EE is able to.

If you live somewhere where Vodafone's signal is poor, you might prefer to switch away from Asda Mobile so you can stick with EE, or move to another network. Thankfully, this is quite simple to do.

Our guide on how to switch mobile provider explains what's involved, and you can use our mobile phone coverage map to tell you what the signal is like in your area for all four providers.

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