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21 Sep 2020

Can the new Lidl app save you money?

Which? researchers try out the Lidl Plus loyalty app on their weekly shop
outside of a Lidl store

The supermarket Lidl has launched an app that offers shoppers exclusive discounts and points for rewards - so how much money can you save and is it easy to use?

Available on Android and iPhone iOS, the Lidl Plus app lets you activate offers and collect points using a digital rewards card when you're at the checkout.

Read on to see what it's like to use and how much money it could save on your weekly shop.

What is the Lidl Plus app like to use?

If your wallet is already overflowing with loyalty cards, then a digital card stored in an app might seem an appealing idea.

Signing up for the app is a fairly lengthy process (it asks for your name, address, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and local store, and then sends a text code to your phone for you to verify your number), so be sure to download it in advance to avoid a last-minute rush in the queue.

Once you're in, though, it couldn't be simpler to use. One tab offers around four coupons (changing on a weekly basis) for different products. If any of these take your fancy, you can press “activate” to add the coupon automatically to your card.

Store leaflets and deals from partners such as Sky and the AA are also on offer in the app.

In-store self-checkouts prompt you to scan the app so there's little chance of forgetting to bank your points. One of our researchers found that on her first visit it had to be entered manually by a member of staff, but every time since the process has worked more smoothly.

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Can the Lidl Plus app save you money?

Download the Lidl Plus app and you'll be greeted straight away with a tempting welcome deal - a sweet £5 off your first £25 shop (not including alcohol). This offer was the best saving our researchers made in two weeks' worth of shopping, though savings can be made elsewhere too.

After each shop a scratchcard appears in the app. If you win, you make a small saving on your next shop.

Using your card also banks points. Spending £100 in a month gives you £2 credit, whereas £200 would earn you £10.

You will also save through activating coupons that offer roughly 10-20% off certain items. However, you'll have to buy in bulk to see real savings. Our researcher got 40p off each £1.99 bottle of laundry detergent and bought five bottles to make the most of the deal.

Should I download it?

Lidl Plus saves you money, is intuitive to use and its scratchcard feature adds a little bit of excitement to your grocery haul. If you shop regularly at Lidl it's definitely worth downloading.

However, some shoppers are more likely to save than others. Spending £100 or even £200 per month is a tall order if Lidl isn't your main supermarket, and there's no guarantee that the coupons will be to your taste (though they may become more tailored to you the longer you use the app).

The coupons have a time limit, too, so don't let that pressure you into making more trips - or impulse purchases at the checkout - than you usually would.

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