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20 Jul 2021

Concerning Which? test results prompt vital stair gate safety improvements

A pair of baby safety gates previously deemed unsafe have now passed our latest tests
Baby holding stair gate

A pair of stair gates identified by our experts as so unsafe that we made them 0% Don't Buys have had crucial changes to them to ensure they now pass our lab tests.

The results of our expert tests have a major impact on the way manufacturers make or develop stair gates, which in turn helps to keep babies and toddlers safer. At Which?, we'll continue to fight for parents to ensure baby products are built to a high standard.

Below, we've rounded up a selection of stair gates that have recently returned from our lab. Each has been scored on how easy it is to install, and how safe the stair gate is when pressure and force is applied.

Which? Best Buy stair gates - safe, durable and easy to use

What stair gate safety issues have been fixed?

Back in 2019, our samples of the Dreambaby Chelsea and Liberty gates failed the fatigue test that forms part of the EU standard for gates (EN1930:2011).

As part of this test, the stair gate is clamped to a motorised arm (shown below, right) that pulls it back and forward 10,000 times while applying a 140 Newton horizontal force. This exercise is designed to replicate a cheeky toddler pulling the gate back and forth over time - secure stair gates should stay in position despite the use of force for the full 10,000 cycles.

The original Dreambaby Chelsea gate came loose after 1,456 cycles, while the Liberty came loose after 2,727 cycles. As the gates were dislodged, enough of a space was created so that a child could walk through the product and potentially fall down the stairs. We had no choice but to label these products as 0% Don't Buys.

We're pleased to report that amendments have now been made to the stair gates to the point where they are no longer considered 0% Don't Buys. Changes have been made to the installation method described in the instructions - these gates are pressure-fit models, but the instructions now state you must install them with adhesive wall cups and screws.

Dreambaby Arizona Extenda Gate

The latest stair gates on test

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate (£35)

  • Materials: Metal
  • Fixing: Pressure fit with screwed wall cups
  • Width: 69cm

This metal safety gate can be used on stairs or in doorways measuring from 71cm to 80cm across. The Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate is available in black or white and, if you're dealing with a wider-than-average space, you can invest in some extension pieces to keep it secure.

To install this pressure-mounted stair gate, you'll need to use wall cups and adhesive pads, as well as screws to fix it securely and safely. If you're living in a rented property, note that fitting this gate could potentially create marks to the frame or wall.

To see how this stair gate scored in our safety tests, head over to our full Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate review.

Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate with Smart Stay Open feature (£27)

  • Materials: Metal
  • Fixing: Pressure fit with screwed wall cups
  • Width: 71cm

This pressure-mounted stair gate works several parent-friendly functions into its design, including one-handed opening and a stay-open feature. The gate is carefully weighted so it doesn't swing in either direction when left ajar.

You can set this stair gate up in a doorway or at a stair opening using the bundled cup mounts, adhesive pads and screws.

How does this stair gate compare to the other models fighting for your attention? Consult our Dream baby Liberty Security Gate with Smart Stay Open feature review.

Dream baby Arizona Extenda Gate (£18)

  • Materials: Metal
  • Fixing: Screw
  • Width: 61cm

The Dream baby Arizona Extenda Gate can be extended from 68cm to 112cm. As it has a full-width side opening, there are no trip hazards that run across the floor or width restrictors.

To secure this stair gate in place, you'll need screws to fix it to a wall or door frame - that's something to bear in mind if you're living in rented accommodation.

Discover how this stair gate performed in the Which? test lab with our Dream baby Arizona Extenda Gate review.

Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate (£23)

  • Materials: Metal
  • Fixing: Pressure fit with screwed wall cups
  • Width: 71cm

Cuggl's Pressure Fit Safety Gate is made of metal, and fits doorways and stair openings between 75cm and 81cm wide. If you need to install the gate in a wider opening, Cuggl offers extension pieces so you can guarantee a good fit.

With this being a pressure-mounted stair gate, the Cuggl requires wall cups and sticky pads, plus screws - all of these are included in the box.

Our expert Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate review reveals how well this stair gate performed in our safety tests.

Cuggl Wall Fix Extending Safety Gate (£20)

  • Materials: Metal
  • Fixing: Screw
  • Width: 54cm

This Cuggl stair gate is extendable, meaning it can fit a stairway or doorway up to 97cm. As it requires screws to fix to a wall, there's no trip hazard across the bottom of the gate. The gate can be opened in either direction, which is handy if you're holding your baby as you walk through.

A hex key and a spanner come included in the box, but you'll need to get your own screwdriver and drill to finish the job.

Does this stair gate do enough good to earn Which? Best Buy status? Have a read of our Cuggl Wall Fix Extending Safety Gate review.

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