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27 Nov 2019

Election 2019: what would the Scottish National Party's plans mean for your money?

Find out about the SNP's pledges on tax, housing, pensions and more

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has launched its manifesto ahead of the 2019 general election, which will be held on 12 December.

The manifesto is called Stronger for Scotlandand sets out the SNP's key policies, including a second referendum on Scottish independence and stopping Brexit.

Here, we provide an at-a-glance look at the SNP's plans for , , , and all things money related that could hit your wallet.

We have covered the Conservative Party, Labour and the Liberal Democrats' manifestos in separate stories. For more information on what smaller parties have planned, head here.

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SNP on tax

  • Demand that the government devolves taxation powers to the Scottish government, as is the case with income tax.
  • Oppose tax cuts for big businesses and crack down on tax avoidance and evasion.
  • Back a reduction in employer National Insurance (NI) contributions.
  • Oppose any increases in VAT.
  • Support a freeze in Insurance Premium Tax hikes.
  • Introduce tax incentives to ensure switching to low-carbon heating systems is more affordable.

SNP on benefits

  • Press the government to continue to make free TV licences available and push for the licence fee to be set independently of government.
  • Demand the end of the two-child benefit cap, halt universal credit and abolish the bedroom tax.
  • Increase maternity leave to one year, with maternity pay at 100% for five weeks.
  • Increase shared parental leave to 64 weeks, with 12 weeks minimum to be taken by the father.

SNP on housing

  • Press the government to work with the mortgage industry to identify a legal solution for people with unmortgageable properties due to cladding issues.
  • Reduce VAT on energy efficiency improvements in homes.

SNP on jobs and pay

  • Press for a statutory living wage to rise to at least the level of the 'Real Living Wage'.
  • Demand tougher action to close the gender pay gap and fine companies who don't meet an agreed equal pay standard.

SNP on banking and the high street

  • Fight against bank, ATM and post office closures.
  • Push for the cap on interest rates and charges on payday loans to be lowered further.
  • Push for a cap on credit card interest rates and unarranged overdrafts.
  • Create a Scottish National Investment Bank to provide £2bn of long-term capital to businesses and infrastructure projects.

SNP on pensions and investment

  • Continue to argue for a fairer pensions system, opposing plans to increase the state pension age.
  • Keep the state pension triple lock.
  • Fight to reverse the cut to pension credit, which the SNP says leaves older couples in Scotland up to £7,000 worse off each year
  • Support the establishment of an independent savings and pensions commission.
  • Continue to support the WASPI campaign.

SNP on health and social care

  • Call on government to match Scottish per capita NHS spending.
  • Propose a new NHS protection act to guarantee trade deals won't undermine health service principles. Make all trade deals require the consent of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

SNP on household bills

  • Reform the energy market and introduce an Ofgem database of households who have not switched suppliers.
  • Introduce a free national energy switching service.
  • Press the government to invest in digital connectivity including super-fast broadband and 5G.

SNP on transport

  • Invest over £500m in improving bus infrastructure to make bus travel the greenest option.
  • Reduce emissions from Scotland's railways to zero by 2035.
  • Pursue the government to commit to speed up journey times between Scotland and London to help reduce domestic flights.

SNP on schools and university

  • Expand childcare into the school holidays for primary school pupils from the poorest backgrounds.
  • Urge the government to support low-income families with payments at key times in a child's life and match the Scottish Child Payment of £10 per week for eligible families.

SNP on Brexit

  • Stop Brexit and support a second EU referendum with remain on the ballot paper. Support revocation of Article 50 if necessary.
  • Deliver a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Which?'s consumer agenda

Which? has outlined its agenda for the next government, which sets out six commitments that we want all political parties to make to deliver positive, tangible improvements for individuals across the UK.

This includes providing banking services that work for everyone, better protection over unsafe products and fairer pensions.