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5 Dec 2019

How do Pampers compare with cheaper supermarket nappies?

We've found some great-value nappies to rival Pampers - including a Best Buy that costs just 5p a nappy
parent changing baby's nappy

Pampers is a popular choice with parents, but its disposable nappies are also some of the most expensive around.

The priciest Pampers we've tested costs a whopping 25p a nappy. With babies getting through up to 12 a day, the cost can quickly add up.

While it might be tempting to stick with a well-known brand, our tests show that there are some fantastic cheap supermarket options available. We've uncovered one Best Buy that costs just 5p a nappy.

Find out which 5p nappy is a Best Buy.

Are cheaper nappies any good?

a pile of nappies next to a teddy

We've tested seven nappies that work out at 6p or less from supermarkets including Aldi, Asda and Tesco.

You might think that cheap nappies mean dealing with leaks and more frequent changing, but we've found that some do the job brilliantly. In fact, of the six Best Buys we've found, three of them cost 6p or less a nappy.

Thinking of switching to cheaper nappies? Find out how parents rate budget supermarket nappies from Aldi and Lidl.

Is it worth spending more on Pampers?

Line up of Pampers nappies including Pampers premi

Pampers tend to be more expensive than other nappies, but there are some slightly more affordable options in its range.

We've tested Pampers Baby-Dry (10p each), Pampers Premium Protection (21p each) and Pampers Pure Protection (25p each). Read our nappy reviews to find out how they compare.

Should I buy expensive nappies?

a pile of nappies next to a teddy

We've tested five nappies costing 15p or more and found two Best Buys. But one expensive brand got just 47%, making it our lowest-scoring nappy.

Some of the cheapest we've tested score just as well as, or better than, pricier options. Check our nappy reviews to find out which ones we recommend.