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iPhone 14: release date, rumours, price and more

Is the iPhone 14 coming? What will Apple have in store? We round up everything we know about the big launch
Apple iPhone

The wait could almost be over as rumours predicting the launch of the next generation Apple iPhone reach fever pitch, and speculation over whether shoppers will finally get their hands on what is sure to be one of the hottest launches of the year, builds to its inevitable climax.

The latest hot-takes and gossip from the internet's tech-bloggers continue to help fuel excitement around the release of the iPhone 14, while Apple remains defiant, and keeping quiet about its rumoured latest design. 

How much the iPhone 14 will cost, whether it's worth waiting for, and if a mini version will once again be available are just some of the questions potential buyers are desperate to find the answers to. 

So here is a round-up of everything Which? knows about Apple's (rumoured) newest addition to the family, the iPhone 14. 

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Is Apple launching an iPhone 14 in 2022?

Although Apple has not made an official statement confirming the release of the iPhone 14, iPhone enthusiasts are very much expecting the usual launch this year. 

And if you are thinking that Apple would have announced a new phone by now if one was being released in 2022 you'd be mistaken, because it wasn't until the Autumn of 2021 the company first unveiled the iPhone 13.

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When is the iPhone 14 coming out?

Apple iPhone

With no official announcement from Apple, prospective release dates are merely speculation. However, previous iPhone launches give us the biggest clue to the potential unveiling. 

On 14 September 2021, to much pomp and ceremony, Apple released details of its new iPhone, describing it as the, 'most advanced pro camera system ever on iPhone'. Customers were then able to pre-order a device on September 17, with availability beginning on September 24. 

To confuse things further, in 2020 Apple took a slightly different approach with the release of the iPhone 12. Announcing the release of the device on October 13 2020, pre-ordering began on October 16, with customers eventually getting their hands on the iPhone 12 on October 23. 

So far the rumours among tech-bloggers is that we are looking at a September unveiling for the iPhone 14. Website iDrop News went further and predicted the unveiling date as September 13, with Friday, September 23 the first day the public can get their hands on the new device.

However there could still be a spanner in the works with some reports suggest component shipments are behind schedule, so we'll have to wait to see if Apple can stick to its rumoured September launch.

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Will Apple release an iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max?

One of the biggest debates around the iPhone 14 launch is how many other models will form part of the new line up. As well as the standard edition Apple normally launches its 'Pro' range with extras such as better screens, more RAM and longer battery life.   

The internet is awash with reports that as well as the iPhone 14 there will be an iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max as part of the range, but perhaps more intriguing are rumours of an iPhone 14 Max.

According to reports the iPhone 14 will be a 6.1-inch model, as will the Pro, while the Pro Max and Max will land at 6.7-inches. It is thought the new iPhone Max will give customers the bigger screen they crave at a more affordable price. 

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Will Apple release an iPhone 14 mini?

If rumours are to be believed fans of the iPhone 13 mini will be disappointed to learn that the more compact device reportedly has no future among the iPhone 14 range. There is much speculation that the smaller device will be dropped by Apple and there won't be an iPhone 14 equivalent on the market.

It is thought that poor sales of previous mini models and a lack of appetite for the device have caused Apple to knock the mini on the head, however there will reportedly still be four iPhone 14 models unveiled with the rumoured introduction of the iPhone 14 Max.  

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How much is the iPhone 14?

The price points for the iPhone 14 range are unknown but as a reference, when the iPhone 13 was released it was priced 'from £779'. The iPhone Pro was advertised on the Apple website for £949 and the iPhone Pro Max priced at £1,049.

It is thought that the iPhone 14 will cost around the same price but the Pro editions will see increases of around $100, while the iPhone 14 Max could be around $899.

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What colours will the iPhone 14 come in?

Apple iPhone

Reports on website Phone Arena indicate that the phones will come in a variety of colours. 

The iPhone 14 and Max are rumoured to come in  Midnight, Starlight, Product RED, Blue, and potentially a new purple colour. The Pro models will come in Graphite, Silver, Gold, and maybe purple as well.

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Should I wait for the iPhone 14?

That depends on how desperate you are for Apple's latest flagship. In recent years, we haven't seen big leaps in innovation in the mobile phones market – and that goes for Android brands like Samsung as well as Apple. So you could be paying a premium price for something that's not dramatically different to the previous generation.

If you're keen on getting the best value for money, you'll find bigger discounts on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 range, especially shortly after the iPhone 14 launches, if you can wait that long.

Alternatively, consider the second-hand market. iPhones are particularly popular here, and they're a good second-hand option – Apple has one of the best security support policies of any mobile brand, with its phones typically getting updates for upwards of six years from launch.

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What else can I expect from the iPhone 14 range?

Apple iPhone

There are plenty of other rumours doing the rounds about the new iPhone range that could persuade you to hold off buying a new device until the Autumn. 

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted back in March this year that 'high-end 2022 iPhones' will ditch the notch on the display and adopt the hole-punch design instead. Some predictions have gone further and suggested that the hole punch will be pill-shaped. 

Another reported design feature of the new high-end iPhone 14 models that may encourage buyers to wait is a titanium alloy chassis. Rumours around this new design, which will increase the phones resilience, came from an investor report by JP Morgan Chase.

It is also rumoured the new iPhone models will benefit from an 'always on display' function – part of the display remains lit up when the phone is asleep so that users can still see the time or notifications without the phone being activated. After the launch of Apple's iOS 16 in June, website 9to5Mac discovered references in the system hinting that it supports an always-on display function.

One reported prediction that will be sure to attract potential customers is the camera performance on the Pro editions. Website MacRumors wrote in April that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the high-end models will have a a 48-megapixel camera, up from 12 on the iPhone 13.

Ming-Chi Kuo also tweeted earlier this year that the front-facing cameras on the iPhone 14 are likely to be upgraded which will enhance selfies and video calling.

According to market researchers TrendForce, the iPhone 14 Pro editions will benefit from the 'latest processors' which is understood to be the A16 Bionic chip. However MacRumors reported that analyst Jeff Pu expected all four editions of iPhone 14 to have 6GB of RAM. 

The iPhone screen rumours are also starting to gain traction with website The Elec reporting that Samsung Display will be providing OLED panels for all four new phones. The M11 material, which was used on the 13 series, will be supplied by Samsung Display for the standard models while the pro editions will boast the new M12 material set. 

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