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23 Mar 2020

Lidl is selling a cheap £50 bread maker: should you buy it?

The Lidl Silvercrest bread maker is back in stores while stocks last. Get our first impressions of its baking skills

Bread makers are selling like hot cakes at the moment as many of us retreat into our homes in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, and with exceptional timing Lidl is once again selling a cheap bread maker in its special deals aisle. The Silvercrest bread maker costs just £50, but can it bake a tasty home loaf?

Our tests have found that you don't necessarily need to spend big to get a great bread maker. We've uncovered some bargains in the same price range as this Lidl bread maker that make decent loaves - but we've also found some mediocre models to avoid.

We tried out the Lidl Silvercrest bread maker when it was on sale this time last year, to see if it could rise to the challenge of baking tasty bread on a budget.

Get our verdict in the full Lidl Silvercrest bread maker first look review.

Also on offer in the Lidl 'Kitchen Essentials' round up is:

Lidl Silvercrest bread maker: is it a good deal?

Based on its specs, the Silvercrest bread maker seems pretty good value compared with premium models from brands such as Panasonic.

Lots of settings to choose from

It has 16 pre-set programs and features, so you can make everything from standard white and wholemeal loaves to sourdough and gluten-free bread, which is quite unusual for a cheap model.

There are also programs for baking cakes and making and low-carb or sweet breads. Like many bread makers, you can also use it to make jam, regular or dairy-free yogurt, and pasta or pizza dough.

'Super Rapid' baking mode

Notable extras include a 'Super Rapid' program, that is claimed to make a 1kg loaf in 75 minutes, in addition to a standard rapid-bake setting, which takes just over two hours.

Larger loaves and dual kneading paddles

This bread maker probably isn't suited to smaller households as it makes quite large 1kg loaves as standard. Usually, this is the extra-large setting on other bread makers. You can also make even larger 1.25kg or 1.5kg loaves.

Unusually, this Lidl has two mixing paddles, which should mean the dough is kneaded more effectively. You can remove these before baking, if you want to avoid too large a hole in your loaf.

Like most bread makers, this one comes with the option to set a timer, so you can wake up to freshly baked loaves in the morning.

How does it compare on price?

The Silvercrest is good value for a larger-capacity bread maker with such a wide range of baking options.

If you're happy doing without some extras, and don't need to make such large loaves, there are other cheap bread makers around. Argos sells an own-brand version for £45 and Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs and Tower also sell cheaper models.

The Lakeland Compact Bread Maker is just £60, while Panasonic's popular bread maker range starts from £90.

Discover which cheap bread makers we recommend by reading our bread maker reviews.

Choosing the best bread maker for you

Think about the following:

  • Size Do you need to make larger loaves, or would a smaller model do? If you're pushed for kitchen space, a compact model would be better, as bread makers can be quite large.
  • Types of bread If you're keen to make specialty breads and go beyond basic white and wholemeal loaves, look out for models with dedicated settings for these.
  • Dispenser Some models will automatically dispense fruit, nuts or seeds into your loaf at the right time. This is useful as otherwise you need to be on hand to add them when the machine alerts you halfway through the process.

If you aren't sure which features you need, and the ones you can do without, see our guide to bread maker features.