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14 Jan 2019

Meet the new machine that folds your laundry for you

For just shy of £800 you can say goodbye to folding laundry forever. But is it worth it?

FoldiMate, 'the robotic laundry folding machine' is designed to automatically fold your laundry, getting through a load of 25 items in less than five minutes.

The prototype was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2019, where we thought how much itlooks just like a giant printer or scanner.

Its high cost might mean you would rather live with your floordrobe though. It's estimated to launch at the jaw-dropping price of $980 - around £768.

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How does The FoldiMate work?

You attach your item of laundry to the clips at the front to feed them into the machine.

Mysterious inner mechanisms then fold your clothes, sending them to the tray at the bottom ready for you to put them away.

It's designed to fold a range of items including most types of shirts, blouses, or trousers from age six to adult size XXL, as well as most standard-sized towels and pillowcases.

There's no limit to how much it can fold, though you will have to empty the drawer when it gets full (after around 10-15 folded items).

How do I get one?

It's due to hit the US market in late 2019. No firm plans yet for sale in the UK but the manufacturer has indicated that if there is enough demand worldwide it will look at shipping elsewhere.

If you would like to register your interest, you can add your email address to a pre-order waiting list at foldimate.com.

At 125 x 60 x 70cm, the FoldiMate is about the size of a fridge.

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Make laundry day easier

If the FoldiMate is too big for your home, out of your budget, or you simply don't find folding too strenuous, there are other things you can do to take the dread out of laundry day.

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