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14 Oct 2020

Our latest lab tests uncover the best steam generator we've ever tested

If you're on the lookout for a snazzy new steam generator, this could be exactly what you need

We've been testing steam generators for several years now, and we've just come across a new top scorer with all the bells and whistles.

It performed almost perfectly in our rigorous lab tests, making it the joint-best steam generator we've tested so far.

Out of the 52 different steam generators we've put through our independent tests:

  • 70% is the average overall Which? test score
  • 50% is what the worst-performing model scored
  • 87% is this model's fantastic score, so it's miles ahead of its competition.

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Steam generators pump out more steam than a standard iron, which should make them quicker and easier to use. However, not all steam generators live up to this claim.

Here's why this steam generator scored so highly:

Quick and effective at removing creases

You'd be forgiven for presuming that all steam generators do an excellent job at removing creases, but unfortunately this just isn't the case. Quite a few of the generators we've tested require a fair bit of elbow grease in order to get your clothes wrinkle-free, and even then the creases reappear after just a few minutes.

This generator does a brilliant job, removing even the toughest creases with just a couple of passes of the soleplate. You won't need to constantly use the steam boost either, saving you from regular trips to the kitchen sink to refill.

Only really deep-set creases started to reappear after we hung up our clothes. But even then, they were virtually impossible to see unless you were up close.

Take a look at the irons that scored at least four stars out of five in our ironing performance tests - this score means these models did an excellent job at eliminating tough creases in our lab.

Super resistant to limescale

If you live in a hard water area, you likely already know how much potential damage limescale build-up can cause to your iron.

When left untreated, a build-up of limescale in your iron's water tank will block the steam holes and cause it to become much less effective, meaning you'll end up spending more time behind your ironing board.

Thankfully that's absolutely not the case with this top-class steam generator. Our tests proved that even if you iron several times a week you won't notice a serious drop in steaminess, so this model won't become less effective over time.

What's more, the cleaning program is super easy to use, so running this on a regular basis will help keep this generator in top-notch condition. There's no need to splash out on filtered water either, as tap water will do just fine.

Check out our guide on how we test irons for more information about how we measure the limescale resistance of each model.

Almost impossible to damage

We've come across far too many soleplates that are ridiculously easy to scratch, meaning you'd never be able to iron over a zip or button for fear of causing permanent damage.

A badly-scratched soleplate can begin to leave sticky marks on your clothing over time, which nobody wants. It'll probably mean you end up washing things more than once too.

The same can't be said for our new top-scoring generator though. It has a premium-coated soleplate that means it glides over all types of clothing without sticking or snagging, plus it's very resistant to damage.

This means you won't need to worry if you accidentally iron over abrasive fastenings or clean the soleplate a little vigorously, extending the life of your steam generator and saving you money in the long term.

Read our helpful guide on how to clean your iron to make sure you're getting the most out of whichever model you choose.

Lightweight and easy to use

One of the main advantages of buying a steam generator is the fact that the water tank is stored in the base. This keeps the iron itself as light as possible. This model is no exception, with the iron weighing in at a tiny 700 grams.

Most generators we test tend to weigh around 1kg, so this really is ridiculously light.

This means that even if you struggle to hold heavy things for a long period of time, you won't have any issues with this generator.

It's overall incredibly easy to use too. The dials and buttons are well-located and clearly labelled with their functions, plus we had no trouble checking the water level without needing to remove the tank.

There is another steam generator on our website that also scores 87%. While it's likely still a good choice, it was tested over three years ago and doesn't have the most up-to-date tech specs.

Any problems?

Even the best steam generators have their flaws, and this one isn't exempt. We're being ridiculously picky here though, so don't let these reasons put you off if your mind is already made up.

Thick soleplate

While the large soleplate on this generator is ideal to help you cover lots of fabric in less time, it's also on the thick side.

This means that you'll struggle to iron underneath buttons or inside pockets, which could be a touch frustrating if your laundry basket is regularly full of shirts and blouses.

Design issues

The streamlined design of the iron means you can't rest it on its heel while you're rearranging your garments, or switching from one item of clothing to another.

Thanks to this model's one-temperature technology you are able to leave it soleplate-down without worrying about it burning any of your clothes, however this definitely doesn't feel natural.

Very expensive

Steam generators are more expensive than steam irons. But this particular model is very expensive and won't give you much change from £700.

If you're keen on buying a steam generator but don't fancy spending that much money, take a look at our steam generator reviews. You can pick up a Best Buy model for a lot less money and be confident that it's going to be good, as proven by our tough lab tests.

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