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15 Oct 2021

Pampers vs own-brand or eco nappies: which should you use?

Recent lab tests have pitted Pampers nappies against own-brand and eco nappies

Which? has recently tested five new disposable nappy brands, including Pampers, Boots and Kit & Kin.

But how good are these nappies at absorbing liquid, locking in wetness and preventing leaks?

Two of them scored highly enough to earn Best Buy status, while one of them rated so poorly that we've assigned it a Don't Buy.

Find out which products we've named Best Buy nappies.

Which disposable nappy brands have we tested?

BrandPrice per PackNappies per PackPrice per NappyWeight Range (lb)
Boots Baby Super-Dry£3.5030£0.127-18
Kit & Kin Eco£6.4034£0.199-14
Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry£2.6948£0.067-18
Naty by Nature Eco£7.0026£0.277-18
Pampers Baby-Dry£6.7544£0.159-14

What are the best disposable nappy brands?

Boots Baby Super Dry

  • Price: £3.50
  • Pack Size: 30

Boots promise day and night dryness for active babies, but not all own-brand disposable nappies are created equal. Some are good value for money while others are great at keeping your baby dry and comfortable. The 'holy grail' for a parent is finding one that does all these things to a reasonable level and at a price that won't break the bank.

Check out the full Boots Baby Super Dry review to find out if this is the case with these nappies.

Interested in seeing how popular budget supermarket brands perform? We compared Aldi and Lidl's own brand nappies.

Kit & Kin Eco

  • Price: £6.40
  • Pack Size: 34

These eco nappies are made with plant-based materials and wood pulp. While the use of eco-friendly materials is commendable, how will they perform versus other nappies when we check absorption, leakage and breathability?

Read our Kit & Kin Eco review to find out.

Morrisons Nutmeg Baby Ultra Dry

  • Price: £2.69
  • Pack Size: 48

Morrisons Nutmeg Baby Ultra Dry carries four more nappies and are more than half the price of Pampers, helping to drop the cost per nappy down to just 6p.

But is that enough to give them an edge when it comes to preventing leaks and ensuring comfort? Read the full Morrisons Nutmeg Baby Ultra Dry review to find out.

Naty by Nature

  • Price: £7.00
  • Pack Size: 26

Naty by Nature's eco nappies had the lowest pack size of the bunch and the highest cost. The nappies are made with sustainable plant-based materials and feature no oil-based plastics on your baby's skin.

But will these nappies also keep your baby dry all night? Have a look at our full Naty by Nature Eco review to find out.

Not sure whether biodegradable nappies are worth it? Check out our article on just how eco-friendly biodegradable nappies really are.

Pampers Baby-Dry

  • Price: £6.75
  • Pack size: 44 nappies

Pampers disposable nappies are tried and tested favourites with parents and the Baby Dry range is designed to offer your baby protection from leaks and discomfort with a flexible fit, adjustable waistband and strong leg cuff.

Find out how they've done in our latest round of rigorous testing by reading the full Pampers Baby-Dry nappy review.