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2 Feb 2021

Product recall: TK Maxx issues safety alert for baby sleeping bags

The retailer claims a design flaw affecting certain baby sleeping bags could cause infants to 'slip down the garment', which presents a risk of suffocation
Baby sleeping bag

TK Maxx has issued a voluntary recall of selected baby sleeping bags sold between August 2018 and December 2020.

Safety testing carried out by the retailer has identified a potential fault with certain baby sleeping bags, which it says could cause a baby to slip down the garment, covering their face and presenting a risk of suffocation. Which? has not tested the products in question.

However, not all baby sleeping bags sold at TK Maxx during the period have been recalled, so read on to find out if you're affected - and what to do if you are.

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TK Maxx baby sleeping bag recall: what you need to know

TK Maxx has recalled a number of baby sleeping bags from Sam & Jo, First Wish, Little Red Caboose, Willow Blossom, Aspen, Piper & Posie, Shabby Chic, Artisan, Dylan & Abby, Miss Mona Mouse and Harry & Me. Which? has not been able to contact the brands so their position on the potential safety flaw is not known.

Which baby sleeping bags are affected?

TK Maxx is recalling baby sleeping bags sold between August 2018 and December 2020. If you bought a baby sleeping bag from the retailer outside of these dates, you aren't affected.

To check if your sleeping bag has been recalled, look at the size and style number on the sewn label. The product is covered by the recall if it's designed for babies aged 0-6 months and the style number is one of the following:

  • CL00720
  • CL00756
  • CL00819
  • CL00824
  • CL00861
  • CL00871
  • CL00872
  • CL00873
  • CL00880
  • CL00904
  • CL00905
  • CL00909
  • CL00917
  • CL00921
  • CL00924
  • CL00935
  • CL00936
  • CL00937
  • CL00938
  • CL00943
  • CL00953
  • CL00954
  • CL00955
  • CL00956
  • CL00980
  • CL00981
  • CL00982
  • CL00983
  • CL00984
  • CL00985
  • CL00986
  • CL00987
  • CL01003
  • CL01004
  • CL01005
  • CL01006
  • CL01007
  • CL01066
  • CL01073
  • CL01079
  • CL01096
  • CL01099

If you can't find the label, or you're in any doubt as to whether your baby sleeping bag has been recalled, contact TK Maxx customer service.

What should I do if I'm affected?

You can return the product to any TK Maxx store in the UK or Republic of Ireland for a full refund. If this isn't an option or if you need further information, you can phone TK Maxx at 01923473561 (UK) or 012476126 (Republic of Ireland).

Alternatively, emailcustomerservice@tjxeurope.com or use the retailer's online contact form.

Baby sleeping in cot

Which? warns about dangerous baby sleeping bags

We previously issued a warning covering dangerous sleeping bags after a Which? investigation found that 12 out of 15 baby sleeping bags from well-known brands and online marketplaces posed a risk to infants.

The safety problems we uncovered included inaccurate tog ratings that could lead to a baby overheating, a lack of key safety information in the instructions and neck gaps that were too wide - the same fault that has caused this recall.

Alison Potter, Which? family editor, said: u201cbaby sleeping bags keep your baby warm and cosy, and unlike blankets, they can't get tangled around your baby's legs or pulled dangerously over their head, which can be a suffocation risk.

u201cBut our past investigation into baby sleeping bags showed that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of these products.u201d