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28 Jun 2019

Safety alert: two slime toys withdrawn from sale over child health risk

Magic Poo and Unicorn Magic Poo found to contain excessive levels of boron

The European Commission has issued a safety alert for two slime toys, Magic Poo and its bright pink companion Unicorn Magic Poo, after finding boron levels in both products to be too high.

Exposure to excessive levels of boron may cause irritation, diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps, while the EU also states that exposure to very high levels of boron may impair fertility.

This latest safety alert comes after our own safety tests uncovered 14 toy slimes that contain excessive levels of boron.

Our list of Best Buy slimes reveals the products that are safe for kids and also fun to use.

Potentially unsafe boron levels

The Magic Poo and Unicorn Magic Poo toy slimes from batches K17 and K18 were found to have boron levels of up to 1,300mg/kg. That's more than four times the safe limit stated in the EU safety standard.

The standard for toys (EN 71-3) states that any chemical elements within a toy should fall below certain levels. Levels of boron should be below 300mg/kg for slimes and 1,200mg/kg for putties.

Toy slimes withdrawn from sale

Only slimes in batch K17 or K18 are affected, but manufacturer Tobar has decided to withdraw all Magic Poo and Unicorn Magic Poo slimes from sale, as well as ceasing to supply stores with further stock.

More than 50,000 units have been sold, but Tobar says the products do not pose a risk to the public, which is why this is a voluntary withdrawal rather than a consumer product recall.

A spokesperson from Tobar told us:'Tobar and UK Trading Standards are satisfied that there is no risk at all to public health.

'The product has a short “life” in that putty and slime are usually thrown away within a short time frame and replaced by the consumer. This means that this particular batch is highly unlikely to be still available in the UK.

'Tobar will always be compliant with all regulations and that is why this has been withdrawn from sale.'

What to do if you own Magic Poo

If you've bought Magic Poo or Unicorn Magic Poo for your children, we recommend checking the packaging for any reference to batch K17 or K18. If there is, stop using the slime immediately.

We're committed to improving safety standards for UK consumers - sign our 'End dangerous products' petition to take a a stand against unsafe products.