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1 Oct 2021

Sainsbury's axes Nectar Double Up and replaces with My Nectar Prices

How does the new scheme work, and will it save you money on your food shop?
Nectar card

Sainsbury's annual Nectar Double Up promotion has been cancelled this year, with the supermarket blaming a lack of interest from customers.

In past years, Double Up has allowed customers to exchange Nectar points for vouchers worth double their usual value. They could then spend these vouchers on products from certain Sainsbury's departments.

This year, Sainsbury's has launched a new promotion called My Nectar Prices, which gives shoppers who use the Sainsbury's SmartShop self-scanning app discounts on products they like.

Here, Which? looks at how My Nectar Prices works, and explores the loyalty schemes available at other supermarkets.

My Nectar Prices: how does it compare to Double Up?

New scheme My Nectar Prices and the now-cancelled Double Up have very little in common.

Double Up saw customers purchasing vouchers worth twice their usual value to spend in certain Sainsbury's departments. For instance, 1,000 points would usually be worth £5, but it was worth £10 under Double Up.

Double Up vouchers could only be purchased and spent at certain times of year, with a pretty tight expiry date meaning you had to use them quickly.

Shoppers were unable to spend these vouchers on everyday goods like groceries and fuel, and instead had to spend them on goods from electricals, entertainment, clothing, and other departments.

My Nectar Prices, on the other hand, offers discounts specifically on products Sainsbury's thinks you will like, including everyday groceries.

You can see the full details at Nectar.com/c/My-Nectar-Prices.

How does My Nectar Prices work?

To get your Nectar Prices, you'll need both the Nectar app and the Sainsbury's SmartShop app.

You'll be able to use the Nectar app to check the discounts you've been offered. Examples Sainsbury's has shared include:

  • Ariel All-in-One Pods Washing Capsules for £5.50 ('usual price' £7.00)
  • Tomatoes for £1.40 ('usual price' £1.75)
  • Pasta for 85p ('usual price' £1)

However, since offers will be tailored to each customer, you will not necessarily be given these.

Sainsbury's describes My Nectar Prices discounts as 'personalised'. You are given offers on 'handpicked' products based on data gathered from your shopping habits.

Branded and own-brand products are included, and the selection will be regularly updated for each customer. Sainsbury's told Reuters that discounts will be at least 10% per product.

One Sainsbury's customer told Which? they had 20 My Nectar Prices offers available in the app, including a mix of products they regularly buy and others that do appeal to them.

My Nectar Prices will work alongside the usual Nectar points scheme, which sees customers earn points on their spending that they can then spend at Sainsbury's or with partners including Argos and eBay.

How do other supermarket loyalty schemes compare?

Of course, Sainsbury's isn't the only grocer to offer loyal customers money off their shopping. It's not even the only supermarket to offer personalised deals for loyalty card members.

Here, we outline the other supermarket loyalty schemes to help you find the best one for you. Links take you to more details on the retailers' websites.

Co-op Membership

For every £1 you spend on selected Co-op products, you'll get 2p cashback with Co-op Membership, plus the grocer will put the same amount towards local causes. You will also receive personalised offers and discounts.

Iceland Bonus

The Iceland Bonus card rewards you £1 for every £20 you load onto it, so you're effectively getting a 5% discount for paying for your shopping in advance.

Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus gives you weekly discount coupons and 'scratch cards' offering the chance to win up to £20 off a future shop.

M&S Sparks

M&S also offers personalised discounts to M&S Sparks members via its app. You could also receive free treats and you'll be entered into prize draws to win money off your shopping.

My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen

Launched relatively recently, My Morrisonshas common ground with My Nectar Prices.

Instead of collecting points, customers are offered personalised money-off vouchers through the My Morrisons app, based on items they regularly buy.


Instead of points, MyWaitrose offers customers freebies including coffee, plus discounts on groceries. You also get two free publications: the Waitrose & Partners Food magazine and the Good Food Guide.

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard scheme gives members points for spending in-store or online, which they can then spend in Tesco or with partners including Alton Towers and Hotels.com.

You can also subscribe to Clubcard Plus, which costs £7.99 a month and offers a 10% discount on two in-store 'big shops' each month, 10% off certain brands in-store all the time and more.